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How do I stop hitting bad golf shots? Are you hooking or fading? Are you missing putts?

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Best golf training aids – Best Golf training aid for swing plane – Golf Training Equipment – Golf takeaway training aid

You know that 99.9 % of golfers are struggling with one or more of these problems or with some other issue. When you play bad it is absolutely no fun. To enjoy golf you need consistency, good swing and excellent course management. And you need a good equipment.

Training is the key. Practicing frequently is not expensive and it can be a huge fun. Latest when you see the results on the golf course.

Most golfers don’t trainee

And if they do people go to driving range to hit whole bucket with full power; mostly only with the driver. They go home without any training, without any progress in their swing and swing speed. They have no control about those factors and don’t really know why their game is lacking. They invest in new clubs and Titleist Pro V1 balls but the damn score and handicap don’t get better. Why?

How to make lower scores?

To play golf, to make lower scores and to improve your handicap you need to practice and learn. It is a result of consistent work and improvement of your skills. You need a lot of time practicing and playing. If you have no time or not the money to practice in driving range, a smart home training is the solution. You need just few good quality golf practice aids to trainee indoor or outdoor. You trainee whenever and as much as you want.

Where do you want to buy?

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I recommend you the TOP 10 golf training aids for home practice

Best way to practice golf step by step

The best is to trainee your swing repeating thousands times the motion until your muscular memory remember all the coordination. It is so important that all this goes automatically when you play on the golf course. There are more important things to think about out there as example the course management.

Everybody wants to shorten the time to get a good golfer. To achieve your goals you need the best possible golf training aids.

Best golf training aid for swing plane

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You can’t trainee all this just by hitting few balls at the driving range

There is a much easier, cheaper and more convenient way to trainee than to drive every day to the driving range. With more reason in the times of Covid_19. Practice anytime you can and see the fast results of your home training. It is a lot of fun.

What you should trainee at home?

You can practice the most important easily and comfortable at your home. Many things of them even indoor. The basic stuff like the right setup, grip, swing take away – back swing – down swing and follow through, the impact position, the equilibrium, legs-hips-shoulders, the hand and wrist movements, chipping, approach and so many further things that you most likely never practice.

You know the feeling?

You are with arms up at the backswing and don’t know how to come down with a square club face at the impact to hit a solid golf shot. Once you have it right you will play your best golf ever.

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Control the swing speed with a radar or launch monitor – Golf practice

To swing hard or moving fast your body makes your swing maybe slower and not faster. With the speed radar you get the right feedback to discover when you are at the fastest. This information is very crucial.

Best golf training aids – Best Golf training aid for swing plane – Golf Training Equipment – Golf takeaway training aid

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Believe me you will swing faster, play more consistent and hit longer.

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator for Home with Net and Mat | Golf in A Box

Best golf training aids – Best Golf training aid for swing plane – Golf Training Equipment – Golf takeaway training aid

Optishot 2 Golf – AmerExperience

Golf takeaway training aid

How can I improve my takeaway in golf? The above golf takeaway training aid is one of the best on the market. The LC-1 training aid connects your arms & body to mold an efficient, repeatable swing that works – round after round

Synchronize your arms, shoulders, torso and lower body so your swing is connected, fluid and repeatable

In addition to practicing and playing you need to study even you have a pro-teacher!

– So what to do and how to play better golf in a short time?

– How do I get a good golf swing?

– How I get better at golf beginners?

– What is the best golf swing trainer?

Or what is the best golf training aid for swing plane?

Best golf training aid for over the top

Do not doubt, there are more answers than questions and that makes the whole process of learning golf complicated. There is too much information on the internet and social media; to pick up the right tips and videos is the biggest challenge.

I have spent maybe more time studying golf than I did in my studies at the university

I have changed many times my setup, grip, grip pressure, clubs, swing plane, the use of hips, shoulders, weight transfer, and everything. I know I am not alone in this planet of the golf game.

How to break the 80?

3 Three most important elements in golf

1) Golf swing = Body

2) Course management = Golf Course

3) Mental game = Head

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Do you know your swing speed?

 It is probably the most important data you need. 

Read The Golf Swing Training Tips How To Improve Your Clubhead Speed. 

Great Tips and Drills for Female and Male Golfers

Golf Swing Speed Radar

Golf Net Top 10

Training net is the most effective swing aid and important accessory for the ball hitting indoor and outdoor.

Best Golf Hitting Nets

Swing Speed Distance Chart Golf - Best golf training aids – Best Golf training aid for swing plane – Golf Training Equipment – Golf takeaway training aid
Swing Speed Distance Chart Golf

#1 Amer Experience PRACTICE | The Best Golf Instruction Video Selection

More than 100 selected golf practice videos

Learn from the Best Golf Teachers FOR FREE. Fast and Easy the right things for your Golf Swing Step-by-step.

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