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About us AmerExperience.com facts
About us AmerExperience.com facts

Welcome to AmerExperience.com – The Professional Guide Travel, Business, And Lifestyle News – Multilingual Content Curator

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Our business philosophy by Amer Experience is to select for our audience: clients, followers, and readers the most relevant items and news from the huge global market. We work for our customers 24/7 to search for the headlines and products that they desire.

What do you get?

Best Products AmerExperience - The best products from the international online market

The best products from the international online market.

Pick Of Best Products AmerExperience - Picks from millions of items that fit our customer's desires and needs.

From millions of daily news, AmerExperience.com selects those that match our readers’ desires and needs.

Ideas Of Best Products to Save Time And Money AmerExperience

You get fresh news and ready Ideas, You Save Time and Money day-to-day.


Who founded AmerExperience.com?

AmerExperience.com was established in 2019 by M.Sc.Econ. Lassi Pensikkala an International Business, Travel, and Marketing Consultant who studied Economics, Psyhology and Sociology at the University of Hamburg Germany. He is a Travel Entrepreneur and Content Curator, and International Business Consultant from Finland living over 40 years abroad in Europe and Latin America. 
Lassi speaks English, Spanish, German, Swedish, and Finnish

Where AmerExperience.com was founded?

AmerExperience.com was created at The Pacific Coast of Americas

What is the business philosophy of Amer Experience?

Our business philosophy is to search, and preselect for our audience the most relevant items and news from the huge global market. We work for our clients 24/7 to search for the products that they desire, and solutions for their problems in their work and in their free time. 

What products and services AmerExperience.com offers?

We offer you selected products, news, and international business service, the best quality and design, and great value for your money. We are the experts in Travel, Golf and Lifestyle. 

In AmerExperience, you find world-known trademarks and products that you do not find allover. It is an added value for your personality and uniqueness.

What is the big challenge on the internet now and in the future?

There is simply too much information on the internet and social media: To find the right things is the big challenge.

What does content curator do?

M.Sc.Econ. Lassi Pensikkala: “I search and select for you interesting, relevant, and helpful travel, golf and business related articles from the international and trustworthy press. As a content curator, my job is to collect useful data with high value and a human touch for my readers and to bring everything together in one place.”

“There are many things out there that you should know, but they will never find you!” – Lassi Pensikkala

Lassi Pensikkala the founder of AmerExperience.com: “I keep my readers up to date with news that interests them and is important to them”

Why the actual trend to create content on the internet can be contra-productive?

Unfortunately, the quantity of information goes in front of the quality of the content. It is extremely difficult to find the most relevant of all that information. As example Google makes here a great job as a search engine using AI Artificial Intelligence AI and Machine Learning but many times in SERP you see the lack of human touch.

Therefore, it is crucial that there are content curators like AmerExperience using human intelligence and multilingual knowledge to filter the exact information for our preferred clients and readers. 

What to search? In which language to search? and last but not least Where to search? 

For example, the most relevant results you get in English when you search for Business and Sales, in German for Techniques and Machines, or in Finnish for Medical Research, Swedish for Innovations and International Marketing, and in Spanish for Lifestyle.

Besides Google, there are excellent trade magazines, RSS feeds, local and international media, and many other sources to search and filter for reliable content.

“There are many things out there that you should know, but they will never find you!” – Lassi Pensikkala

How AmerExperience.com Information Scout 3P Service prepare the information for you?

AmerExperience.con Information Scout 3P Service makes it simple. We pre-select, prepare, and present the most relevant from the global digital network ready for your use mostly as short and powerful microblogs in categories where we are the experts. It means in Travel, Golf, Business, and Lifestyle.

How AmerExperience.com achieves the best results?

We are expert content curators and Amer Experience work with the best freelancers from the professional internet community worldwide. AmerExperience cooperates with international consultants and experts to achieve the best results.

We use Web2 and AI, and the most advanced applications like Rankmath, Tailwind, Canva, Getrevue, WordPress, and lead traffic with Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, among others. AmerExperience proudly share high-quality content with Google News, Flipboard, Ground News, Scoopit, and several others news instruments.

Thanks to Linus Torvald from Finland (Linux) for his work of open source and Web2 the international business for small and middle-size companies are today possible even on a larger scale. The Web3 will bring the content curation to the next level. The content curation with human touch is what we do for you in Amer Experience, we bring the important and secure information in one place. 

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Liebe Leser/innen, die Landung auf der Antilleninsel Saint-Barthélemy, auch St. Barth genannt, ist ein unvergessliches Erlebnis. Dieses 24 Quadratkilometer große französische Paradies ist eine perfekte …
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Yhdysvallat matkat – Matkakohteet Top 60 – Parhaat matkavinkit
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Catalina Island travel: 7 Amazing Outdoor Adventures To Experience On Catalina Island
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Golfarit ovat tunnetusti golfhulluja ja matkailufriikkejä Maailma kiehtoo ja aina vain parempi jos siellä voi pelata golfia minne ikinä matkustatkin. Nyt on sellainen kohde ettei …
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Golf Sport News: Ernie Els wins Hoag Classic – Bernhard Langer denied record PGA Tour Champions victory
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Amer Experience – The only multilingual Business Success and Business Psychology News

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Helsingin Messukeskus isännöi tänä vuonna seitsemää kansainvälistä kongressia
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Business Success: Council Post – How Social Media Is Changing Business Strategies
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VENE 23 BÅT BOAT SHOW OFFERS A TEN-DAY BREAKAWAY INTO SUMMER from 10 to 19 February 2023 Hundreds of boats in different size categories are …
Business Success: How To Set Yourself Up For Success In 2023
👋 Tips & Insider News What are a few ways to set yourself up for business success this year? Answer by Charlene Walters, PhD, Business …

🇸🇪 Om AmerExperience.com

AmerExperience.com är en speciell e-handelsguide grundad av finländska Lassi Pensikkala. Vi deltar som Amazon Associate i Amazons Affiliate Marketing Program. Vi använder affiliatelinks och som Amazon Associate tjänar vi på kvalificerade inköp.

Att hitta de rätta saker är en stor utmaning för internetanvändare. Som exempel på Amazon finns det hundratals miljoner produkter att välja.

Vår affärsfilosofi att välja för våra kunder det bästa från den enorma globala marknaden. Vi arbetar för våra kunder dygnet runt, söker efter kampanjer och produkter som de önskar. Med andra ord får du bästa kvalitet, design och mycket valuta för pengarna. Du hittar världskända varumärken och produkter på våra sidor. Vår service är flerspråkig på engelska, spanska, tyska, svenska och finska. På samma sätt tittar vi permanent på nya innovationer på den internationella marknaden – att jämföra erbjudanden och priser för att hålla våra kunder uppdaterade.

Vi presenterar varje dag något nytt på AmerExperience.com – Så kom tillbaka ofta för att få fantastiska dagliga erbjudanden

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AmerExperience.com on suomalaisen Lassi Pensikkalan perustama verkkokaupan erikoisopas kansainvälisille asiakkaille ja lukijoille. Toimimme Amazon Associatena Amazonin Affiliate Marketing Program-ohjelmassa. Käytämme affiliatelinkkejä, joiden kautta tehdyistä ostoista saamme komission.

Tärkeiden, ollennaisten asioiden ja sopivien tuotteiden ja uutisten löytäminen on suuri haaste internet-käyttäjille. Esimerkiksi Amazonissa on valittavissa satoja miljoonia tuotteita (Amazon USA 650 miljoonaa). AmerExperiencen filosofiana on valita asiakkailleen tuoreimmat uutiset ja parhaat tuotteet valtavilta maailmanmarkkinoilta. Etsimme asiakkaillemme 24/7 uutisotsikoita ja tuotteita, jotka sopivat heidän tarpeisiinsa. Toisin sanoen saat parhaat ratkaisut ja uusia ideoita työhön ja vapaa-aikaan. Löydät täältä tuoreimmat kansainväliset uutiset ja maailmankuuluja tavaramerkkejä sekä tuotteita. 

AmerExperience tarjoaa monikielisen palvelun englanniksi, espanjaksi, saksaksi, ruotsiksi ja suomeksi. Seuraamme jatkuvasti uusia innovaatioita globaaleilla markkinoilla – vertaamme tarjouksia, hintoja ja pidämme asiakkaamme ajan tasalla.

Esittelemme joka päivä kymmeniä tarkoin valikoituja uutisia ja uusia tuotteita AmerExperience.comissa – Tule uudelleen löytääksesi viimeiset uutiset ja upeita päivittäisiä tarjouksia

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eco lassi pensikkala creator of amerexperience com - Travel and Golf Influencer - AmerExperience Content Curator

MSc Econ. Lassi Pensikkala
International Business, Travel and Marketing Consultant
Founder of Amer Experience

Studied Economics, Psychology and Sociology at the University of Hamburg, Germany

Contacts https://amerexperience.com/contact/

AmerExperience.com | Created at The Pacific Coast of Americas


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