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Golf is called The Devil’s Play (El Juego Del Diablo)

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Perhaps in no other sport, you may feel so good or bad depending on how you play. You never know how you will play, no matter how is your physical fitness, your mood, or whether you have slept and eaten well. Did it never happen to you?

Golf is for all ages and all skill levels

Handicap evenes out players of different levels and in fact, the amateur can play against Tiger Woods and even beat him. What handicap not evenes is the mental game. Or do you have other ideas?

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Golf requires a lot of practice, patience, and intelligence

I believe golf is a skill game where mental strength is the deciding factor. Golf is a very difficult and unpredictable game. In 3-4 day competitions, mental and physical fitness is decisive. Often, especially amateurs do not control their course management, which often determines success or poor performance. The question is how to break 80 and shoot like a Pro? A very frequent question is also what is the best American golf or European Golf online store to buy the best golf aid to improve your game?

golf how to break 80 and shoot like a pro golf instructions

Senior golfers reason often they can‘t play that well or hit long because of their age

It is biological that with the age every one of us is slower but remember this. Mike Austin stroke the longest drive ever in PGA golf 515 yards flying over the Par 4 hole 60 yards. Austin made it in the year 1974 as he was 64 years old. Seniors should adapt their swing and use parts of the body that help for faster swings. I recommend The Swing designed for senior golfers. My friend George from England is 75 years old and we call him Popeye. He is an old military hit the ball really straight and long. His hcp is 9 and he regularly breaks 80. Golf keeps George the single handicapper young!

Golf is not only a sport but also a good social interaction that is favorable for your physical and mental fitness

According to a study by the famous Karolinska Institute in Sweden, golfers have a life expectancy of five years longer than other citizens. The survey involved 300,000 golfers. Low handicap Golfers (the most skilled players) had the lowest mortality – Play more – Get better – Live longer!

Speed radar is the most powerful golf training aid

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Golfers always have enough topics to talk with their mates

Golfers always have enough topics to talk about with their mates, no matter from which country they come from, what their social or economic background is, or what age they are. Golf is a great counterweight to work and it is an excellent way to get training. The right Golf outfit is in general, a collared shirt and Dockers-style shorts or slacks, golf skirts, or skorts for women will get you onto most golf courses. Some golf courses have more strict dress codes. There are many great golf outfit special deals on online shops where you buy the best trademarks with discounts.

Golf is furthermore a tremendous opportunity to do business

Golf is a tremendous opportunity to do business; you have several hours to negotiate with business partners in relaxing surroundings. It is even more comfortable if you play consistent golf. It is important that the difference between the scores from one day to another is not enormous. Consistency makes my friend George playing excellent.


Golf Top 10 training aids
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Especially in the last five years the golf clubs and technique has huge development

Guys like Dustin Johnson or Brooks Koepka hit the drivers for over 300 yards, the courses for the PGA Professionals are getting every time smaller. They certainly take the profit of the advanced technology but it is crucial for the amateur golfers likewise to have the right shafts and clubs. The golf fitting can be a big benefit to improve your game.

Golf Travel

Golf – Discover Amazing Things To Do Wherever You Go To Play Golf

Golf travel reservation what to do in travel destination
Things To Do In Worldwide Golf Destinations

Around the globe there are beautiful golf courses. We have selected some best of them check more here.

Around the globe there are beautiful golf courses; a big reason to travel and get to know them. A Scottish links course or Pebble Beach is very different from the standard old courses and lakes courses. As a golfer, you know how fascinating it is to travel and play in new destinations. recommends a great tool to Discover Things To Do Wherever You Go out of the golf courses, day trips for your family, things to do, and tickets to reserve for the evening. Are you interested? There is a lot of activities to find – Check the link above!

If you are just starting to play golf fitting is not that I recommend to you

Because first, you need to have your right set up, swing and swing plane, and then to think about fitting. Read, watch golf instruction videos, take lessons, trainee, and play as much as you can. For beginners, I recommend buying good golf set for a reasonable price new or used golf clubs like Tailormade

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