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Experience the amazing sound world when watching TV, Netflix, Youtube, Videos or playing games.

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Enjoy your favorite shows or movies with sound tuned to your specific hearing needs without disturbing others or relying on hearing aids.

Important facts about VR headsets and the latest developments

Virtual Reality is getting better and cheaper. The big providers HTC and Oculus have both released the next generation of their headsets. The necessary hardware is affordable, suitable graphics cards are available for less than 200 Usd.

TechnologyThere are many small steps in development, various improvements in tracking, display and input devices. An interesting trend is the switch from OLED screens to normal LCDs without the VR experience suffering much. Another change is tracking. In the inside-out tracking, cameras on the front and on the side of the headset record the position of players and controllers.

VR in smartphones has not developed as expected. Instead, Oculus Go and Quest offer very interesting standalone solutions. But the premier class is still VR headsets that are fed with content from a PC.

VR on the PC: 200 Usd graphics card is enough. Few years ago you had to calculate around 1000 Usd for a suitable graphics card for each VR headset. Fortunately, thanks to several factors, there are now VR-compatible graphics cards for less than 200 Usd.

How Much Does VR Headset Cost?

What to Consider Before Buying A Gaming Chair?

The chair should be adjustable in height to achieve a perfect sitting position. Seat tilt; For a more flexible posture, the chair should have a rocking mechanism.

GTRACING Gaming Chair

Best chair speaker, AMER EXPERIENCEBest chair speaker, AMER EXPERIENCE

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Footrest & Speakers Bluetooth Racing Chair Audio Heavy Duty Big and Tall Computer Desk Chair GT901M Black

♫ MUSIC GAMING CHAIR: Original designed with two Bluetooth speakers. The surround sound system brings out the best in your entertainment, delivering remarkable and richly detailed stereo sound out loud in solid bass and clear, full audio. Connect it to your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, and enjoy music, mobile game or movie with thrilling, cinema-like sound from the comfort of your gaming chair.

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What is the best place to buy a gaming chair, VR headset?

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What Is The Best Chair Speaker? A Better Way to Enjoy TV And Play Games

One of the most popular chair speaker for senior citizens is the ChairSpeaker with voice enhancing technology. Best Chair Speaker go for information and sales here

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