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Life coach certificate: Are you searching for a new business? Do you want to quit your job? Do you want to do something that you really love and makes sense in your life?

What is a life coach or life style guru?

A life coach or lifestyle guru work with people helping them to be happier and follow them through changes in their lifestyle. Lifestyle coach is a profession that several celebrities, among others the celebrities Cherie Blair and Madonna have made well-known.

What is the profession life coach and lifestyle gurus?
What are the professional life coach and lifestyle gurus?

What is the average salary of a life coach?

In Germany as a coach, you can expect an average salary of € 44,800 / year. Cities with many vacancies for coaches are Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg (Source Stepstone).

 In the USA the national average is $ 59,630 / year (Source Ziprecruiter)

CountryThe average salary of a life coach/year
Germany€ 44,800 / year
USA$ 59,630 / year
Chart Average salary of life coach per year

Is there a demand for life coaches?

According to the results of the ICF Global Coaching Study 2020, which is based on data collection from 2019, around 71,000 people work as coaches worldwide. This corresponds to an increase of 33 percent compared to 2015. The International Coach Federation (ICF) saw particularly strong growth in relation to Latin America, the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe.

In my research as International Consultant, I found this informative study Life Coaches Industry in the US – Market Research Report. Maybe you like reading it.

What to study to be a life coach?

Where do I start to become a life coach? There are no formal requirements for life coach training. However, it is an advantage if you are familiar with the areas of psychology, personality development, or comparable counseling activities.

Although there are no formal requirements I recommend you studying Certified Life Coach and achieving an AUNLP (American Union of NLP) life coach certificate. Life coach training: Courses and certificates

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