Why Many Brilliant People Aren’t Rich

Why Many Brilliant People Aren’t Rich?

Brilliant but not lucky. Brilliant but lack of personality. Brilliant but social outsider. Brilliant but from poor family. Brilliant but never really interested in money making.

There are a lot of studies and simulations about the correlation of IQ and success in professional career. Once I was talking with a football head coach who said the top football players are highly intelligent. I had my doubt about it and I still have. They are top talents with strong will and clear goal where they want to get. And they have had luck. But are there studies about their IQs?

In the business life you meet people where you ask twice how they are what they are. So people are asking what it is all about.

Daniel Latter has something very interesting to say – “IQ has some bearing on income, but it’s much smaller than people think. Some qualities matter much more.

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