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MSc Econ Lassi Pensikkala International Business Consultant

Amer Experience Business Econ. Lassi Pensikkala – Finnish Business Consulting

Amer Experience Business International Consulting – MSc (Econ) Lassi Pensikkala the Finnish business consult in South America operates as international business development professional for foreign trade and as travel business expert for travel industry in Finland, Scandinavia, North Europe, the USA, Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia.

What do you get?

Our task is to help the companies to find new markets, new clients, and business opportunities in Latin America, North America, and Europe. We understand the economy, business practices, and trade patterns of the above countries and represent you on site.

You get multilingual service in English, Spanish, German, Finnish, and Swedish. Make profits from our international experience, living decades abroad in different business cultures in Europe and Latin America. Our practical day-to-day knowledge and high academic education make us utmost competitive as a consultant.

We have learned through trial and error to operate in the most complex business surroundings. It means for you to avoid misstakes in your international business.

”Life is full of surprises. If not then it is no life or it’s just a virtual tour”

“The modern technology, machine learning and AI artificial intelligence should help the people round the world to live better, to be happier and to solve their daily life problems easier. It is an unique opportunity to use the global science and R+D to our advantage, also in developing countries. Finland is a forerunner in Education, Health, Cleantech and other life changing things where high R+D investments in product development are needed. We Finns hope that as many people as possible could benefit from this development. Read more down!”.

We would be pleased to offer our international services to you

– Econ. Lassi Pensikkala –

Proudly representing Finland

TECH explained – Finland Defining The Next 100 Years
Facts about Finland Why To Do Business With Finland
Facts about Finland Why To Do Business With Finland
Finland Tops Work-Life Balance - Why To Do Business With Finland
Finland Tops Work-Life Balance – Why To Do Business With Finland
Finland Global Leader Innovation Talent - Why To Do Business With Finland
Finland Global Leader Innovation Talent – Why To Do Business With Finland
Finland Is One Big Startup Incubator - Why To Do Business With Finland
Finland Is One Big Startup Incubator – Why To Do Business With Finland

Finland exports education

Finland exports the highest quality education already ca. 400 million € a year with a target 2030 to increase this value to 1 billion €. For Latin Amerika kindly contact Eco. Lassi Pensikkala for further information

EduCluster an example about excellence of education in Finland

Travel Business Expert

”With more than 30 years of experience in the International Travel Business, I am convinced it is easier to get there to your travel destination than to find Amazing Experiences and Activities Wherever You Go.

We bring monthly some newly selected destinations with great activities and amazing things to do. So please come back and subscribe here for the weekly updates and special offers

Read my Multilingual Travel Magazines FOR FREE here


Econ. Lassi Pensikkala is the official Company Spotter of Finnpartnership – Finnish Business Partnership Programme – Business Matchmaking.

business finland amer experience - Travel and Golf Influencer - AmerExperience Content Curator
Finnpartnership Business Partnership La Programa Para Negocios con Finlandia

Finnpartnership’s mission is to increase commercial cooperation and promote business partnerships between companies in Finland and Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and other developing countries.

Finnpartnership Company Spotter Eco. Lassi Pensikkala

Finnpartnership is a Business Partnership Programme funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and managed and implemented by Finnfund.

Business Finland

Econ. Lassi Pensikkala is an audited external Business Expert for Business Finland.

Expert Business Finland Econ Lassi Pensikkala
Expert Business Finland Econ Lassi Pensikkala

Business Finland helps Finnish SMEs go international, encourages foreign direct investment in Finland, and promotes travel to Finland.

Business Finland is a public organization consisting of Export Finland, Visit Finland, and Invest in Finland and has ca. 300 professionals work in 36 Trade Centers in 31 countries and 6 offices in Finland.

Finnish R&D, and Science in Health, Health Tech, and Medical Services Are Leading In The World

World Ideas In Health From Finland

We want to present to you also important about Finland’s cancer research.

Read here more about Business Finland Expert Econ. Lassi Pensikkala Amer Experience Business
Do you want to learn some of the most popular Finnish consumer products? Check Finland’s and the Nordic countries’ best products and trademarks – Excellent Nordic Design and Superior Quality.

Ferias Helsinki Finlandia

AmerExperience Econ. Lassi Pensikkala representante en America Latina de Messukeskus Helsinki Finlandia

Messut Helsinki Ferias en Finlandia Overview
Messut Helsinki Ferias en Finlandia Overview

¡Participa como expositor en el Mercado Líder Mundial!

Aprovecha las Oportunidades de Negocios con Europa Norte, Escandinavia y del Mercado de Mar Báltico. Messukeskus Helsinki Finland es un foro excelente para abrir nuevos mercados, conocer y reunir con clientes nuevos y establecidos.

Messukeskus (Ferias Helsinki Finlandia) es uno de los centros de exposiciones y congresos más importantes de los países nórdicos. Organizamos 50 ferias profesionales y públicas y mil reuniones y congresos cada año. Nuestros eventos contarán con la presencia de 10.000 representantes de los medios de comunicación e influencers finlandeses

Messukeskus Helsinki Finlandia Eco. Lassi Pensikkala Representación America Latina

Business Translations

We offer multilingual translations English, German, Spanish, Swedish and Finnish

Wir bieten mehrsprachige Übersetzungen Englisch, Deutsch, Spanisch, Schwedisch und Finnisch

Ofrecemos traducciones multilingües en inglés, alemán, español, sueco y finlandés.

Vi erbjuder flerspråkiga översättningar engelska, tyska, spanska, svenska och finska

Tarjoamme monikielisiä käännöksiä englanniksi, saksaksi, espanjaksi, ruotsiksi ja suomeksi

Ask for more information

Are you interested in AI Artificial Intelligence Basic Course FOR FREE?

elements of ai free online course - artificial intelligence finland - curso inteligencia artificial gratuito

Elements of AI free online course!

Join over 750,000 other people learning about the basics of AI.

Lassi Pensikkala, International Business Expert, – I keep my readers updated with news that interests them. This AI course is worth knowing and learning – I recommend it to you.

Curso online gratuito “Elementos de IA”

Únete a más de 750 000 personas que están aprendiendo los principios básicos de la IA

Lassi Pensikkala, Consultor de Negocios Internacionales – Mantengo a mis lectores actualizados con noticias que les interesan. Vale la pena leer más sobre IA aquí, te lo recomiendo.

Algunas recomendaciones de Reaktor Finlandia:

Prepárate para llegar al fondo.
Completar el curso requiere cierto esfuerzo. Deberás estudiar y repasar todas las secciones cuidadosamente para entender de verdad el contenido.

Apúntate a un grupo de estudio.
Tus probabilidades de finalizar el curso son mucho mayores si estudias con amigos, compañeros o con la comunidad. Además, es muy recomendable que participes en debates en línea y que preguntes si hay algo que no entiendes; esto beneficia a toda la comunidad.

Completa los ejercicios lo mejor que puedas.
Para obtener tu certificado — necesitas responder al 50 % de los ejercicios de manera correcta.”

Why hire an international business consultant and purchasing agent? International Business Consulting Lassi Pensikkala
We help you to have success in your business

Amer Experience Econ. Lassi Pensikkala shares expertise and knowledge to help businesses attain goals and solve problems. Hiring consultants and outside experts can save you time and money. It also can increase your competitiveness and professionalism. Even we have a strong academic background we want first of all to help you to solve the practical problems and to reach your goals in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia, or in Europe.

Amer Experience Econ. Lassi Pensikkala has a special team of experts for your project; international lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, economists, entrepreneurs, etc., lead by Amer Experience Econ. Lassi Pensikkala project management.

Amer Experience Econ. Lassi Pensikkala takes care about the project planning and management, we assist you in search of trade intermediary (agent, representative or distributor), franchise, transport&logistic, joint venture, merger or exchange of shares, sale, and acquisition of a complete company or part of it, subcontracting and outsourcing activities, production, marketing or other activity involving of know-how or technology and other long-term partnership.

Amer Experience Econ. Lassi Pensikkala offers professional background checks of customers and suppliers; and market analyses among others.

As purchasing agent Amer Experience Econ. Lassi Pensikkala helps the Scandinavian and other European companies in B2B and seeking new high-quality products, legal issues, contracting, quality checks, cargo control, and technical supervision, etc. on spot in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia.


We speak English, Spanish, German, Finnish and Swedish.

Amer Experience International Consulting

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MSc Econ. Lassi Pensikkala
International Business, Travel and Marketing Expert
Founder of Amer Experience

Studied Economics, Psychology and Sociology at the University of Hamburg, Germany | Created at The Pacific Coast of Americas


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🇫🇮 ”COVID_19 rajoittaa yritysten kansainvälistä matkustamista ja vientiä. Varmista luotettava ja asiantunteva edustaja paikanpäällä Etelä-Amerikassa. Ota yhteyttä!”

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Vientiapua paikanpäällä Etelä-Amerikassa

🇸🇪 🇩🇰 🇫🇴 🇳🇴 🇮🇸”COVID_19 begränsar företagens internationella resor och export. Säkerställa en pålitlig och kunnig representant på plats i Sydamerika. Kontakta oss! ”

🇺🇸 🇬🇧 “COVID_19 restricts companies’ international travel and exports. Ensure a reliable and knowledgeable representative on-site in South America. Take contact!”

copy of copy of copy of golf top 10 training aid 400 10 - Travel and Golf Influencer - AmerExperience Content Curator
Reliable and knowledgeable representative on site in South America. Take contact!

🇩🇪 „COVID_19 schränkt die internationalen Reisen und Exporte von Unternehmen ein. Stellen Sie einen zuverlässigen und sachkundigen Vertreter vor Ort in Südamerika sicher. Kontaktieren Sie uns! “

🇪🇸 “COVID_19 restringe los viajes internacionales y las exportaciones de las empresas. Asegure un representante confiable y con conocimientos en el sitio en América del Sur. ¡Contáctanos!“

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