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Best Things To Do in 37 countries in Europe

– 37 countries
– 11 languages
– 370 TOP attractions
– Ten thousands of tours, activities, and tickets to reserve


The European countries below are in alphabetical order

Albania – Best Things To Do 
Austria – Best Things To Do 
Belgium – Best Things To Do 
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Best Things To Do
Bulgaria – Best Things To Do 
Croatia – Best Things To Do 
Cyprus – Best Things To Do 
Czech Republic – Best Things To Do 
Denmark – Best Things To Do 
Estonia – Best Things To Do 
Finland – Best Things To Do 
France – Best Things To Do 
Germany – Best Things To Do 
Greece – Best Things To Do 
Holland Netherlands – Best Things To Do 
Hungary – Best Things To Do 
Iceland – Best Things To Do 
Ireland – Best Things To Do 
Italy – Best Things To Do 
Latvia – Best Things To Do 
Lithuania – Best Things To Do 
Luxembourg – Best Things To Do 
Macedonia – Best Things To Do 
Malta – Best Things To Do 
Monaco – Best Things To Do 
Montenegro – Best Things To Do 
Norway – Best Things To Do 
Poland – Best Things To Do 
Portugal – Best Things To Do 
Romania – Best Things To Do 
Serbia – Best Things To Do 
Slovakia – Best Things To Do 
Slovenia – Best Things To Do 
Spain – Best Things To Do 
Sweden – Best Things To Do 
Switzerland – Best Things To Do 
UK United Kingdom – Best Things To Do 
List and Table about The Best Things To Do In Europe

12 Additional Languages

EspañolFrançaisPortuguésDanskDeutschItalianoNederlandsNorskSvenska日本語 – Suomi – Pусский

What are the best attractions in all European countries?

That’s the question! I started to research and find out on the basis of top 10 things to do in 37 countries in Europe and how to book the excursions. It took well over a month to get the work done. Perhaps the most rewarding part of the whole thing was learning what all Europe and each of its countries has to offer to tourists. Lots of unknown experiences and treasures of tourism surfaced even I have lived fifty years in different European countries and traveled in all of the 37 countries listed above. Additional to this I work as destination management expert and travel influencer more than 30 years. Many things I knew but to refresh the knowledge is never bad.

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Hotels and Tours Reservations

Europe is the most popular travel destination in the world. In other words, Europe has many unique attractions, breathtaking scenery and a vibrant culture. This attracts more tourists than any other region in the world. What also interests me in travel is the diversity of people and the different languages in Europe. I have studied them diligently over the years, the grammar and vocabulary l learned in the school, speaking more fluently I practiced on spot in several countries.

The history and culture of the countries and different geographical areas are reflected in the attractions they offer. Castles and Cathedrals are perhaps the most popular in Europe, so to speak.

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How popular is Europe in fact?

According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), some 743 million visitors traveled to Europe. Thus, more than one in two of the 1.5 billion holidaymakers and business travelers around the world had Europe as destination. No other continent is so popular.

Spain is especially popular among both leisure and business travelers. Looking at the number of overnight stays in hotels and guesthouses, according to Eurostat, the country took first place in 2019, when 469 million people arrived in Spain worldwide. Second place went to France with 446 million overnight stays and Germany (436 million). There are also other statistics where France goes nose ahead. Be that as it may, tourism in Europe is popular and fun. Tourism is one of the largest employers and economic engines in Europe, as it is worldwide. If you want to travel in terms of social and environmental responsibility, travel with ecological considerations in mind and at the same time help with many other positive impacts.

Source: European Union

I believed for a long time that the Germans are world champions in traveling. I was wrong. We Finns make the most trips in the world, 7.50 trips per person per year. Based on statistics and using mathematics, the number of Finns, as well as other Nordic people, is an important factor in European tourism. Small countries but highly active people who travel worldwide but mostly to neighboring countries and within Europe.

Most popular European city destinations

Rome is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe
Rome is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe

In the US Travel rankings, the three most popular city destinations in Europe are Paris, London and Rome.

Source: U.S. News and World Reports Travel

In recent years, Helsinki has risen high in the popularity of tourists. Business Finland wrote an interesting article on how the popularity of a pocket-sized metropolis has risen to the clouds before the covid epidemic and still has a lot of untapped potential. You can read more about Helsinki as travel destination here.

How to find cheap flights to / in Europe?

Find here the best deals on Flights, Car Rental, and Package Holidays

Find here the best deals on Flights, Car Rental, and Package Holidays

Has travel changed?

Has travel changed?

All tourism has changed with the pandemic. Naturally, travel was complicated because of the coronavirus. However, it is again gettIng better. There have been permanent changes in travel destinations and what you want from travel. It is noticeable in the trends that today people are looking for nature, water and mountains. The traveller wants experiences, participation in activities and learning something new. Bike tours and bike rentals are very popular, as are language courses, cooking classes and other activities where you learn and experience new things to do.

Sports and music events are traditional tourist magnets. When it comes to sports, many people are eager to play golf. The Nordic region has perhaps the most golfers in the world in terms of population. Especially when winter comes, golf enthusiasts travel to warmer countries, mainly to Spain and Thailand to play.

Perhaps travel has also become more social, meaning that we want to be more involved in local life. Overnight stays are being sought in new options, which is why Airbnb, for example, has grown tremendously. Tourists are looking for activities that locals offer and prefer to eat in traditional places frequented by local people. Authenticity has become important in everything.

Excursions and activities should be booked in advance. Compare prices and get all the information you need about the excursions before you travel. With other words, “let’s see what comes” is not the smart option. For me, spontaneity has been my travel style, but often there is also a bone left when all the trips are full or only the most expensive outing options are left.

I recommend contacting your service providers in advance, either by phone or email. This will give you a personal feel and allow you to ask questions that are not apparent from the program.

Travel safe.

Lassi Pensikkala, Travel Influencer

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