7 Essentials To Improve Your Golf Training

7 essentials to improve your golf training

Golf is a sport to some, a hobby to others, and a passion to most that have picked the club at least once. It’s a challenging, but incredibly rewarding activity that demands that the player puts in the time and effort to become proficient while mastering it eludes even the most seasoned veterans.

However, modern-day technologies and the increasing popularity of golf have paved the way for numerous practical training solutions that were designed to help players improve their skills reliably and consistently. Today, we will talk about the 7 essentials that will improve your golf training, so let’s start from the top:

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1. Performance Tracking Tool

One of the most useful tools that you can use to improve your golf training and overall experience is a performance tracking tool. Most products in this category are meant for both indoor and outdoor practice, provided that you have the necessary training aids to practice at home.

Basically, performance trackers are much similar to regular fitness tracker apps, collecting stats about relevant metrics while active. Even the simplest of models are powered by AI technology that scans the player’s swings while more modern devices are also capable of tracking the ball’s distance, trajectory, and current location.

What makes performance trackers so important for players of all skill levels is that they provide golfers with an ability to analyze each shot, as well as entire games, providing accurate information that the players can use to avoid making the same mistakes, and progress wherever there’s room for improvement.

2. Golfing Glasses

Eyesight protection combined with style are the main benefits of using golfing glasses. They’re just as useful for training as they are for long-winded matches, especially if you’ve chosen a set with interchangeable lenses.

Speaking of which, golfing glasses are typically equipped with special lenses that come in a variety of colors, all of which serve a different purpose. For instance, brown-tinted lenses reduce glare and provide more comfort on sunny days; black lenses even out sun brightness while blue, green, and red are generally better for other purposes.

Another important factor to consider is UV protection. Ultra-violet lights can severely damage eyesight or cause blindness, so golfers that wear glasses equipped with lenses that block or reflect UV rays are generally the best.

3. Golfing Shoes

Golfers could wear regular, casual shoes while practicing or playing, but with a pair of proper shoes designed specifically for golf, the fatigue is much more bearable, the posture more natural, and performance elevated in turn.

Golfing shoes should be light, breathable, and sturdy. Since the average time of a golf round is approximately 4 hours, for practical purposes, golfing shoes are almost mandatory if the player wants to retain optimal performance from start to finish. They are still recommended for training sessions, although fatigue is not nearly as impactful in such scenarios.

4. Putt Pockets

A well-placed putt can finish the game with a perfect score while an inaccurate one can drag it out for hours of frustration. Many players practice their power swing techniques in an attempt to close as much distance to the hole as possible with the initial strike, neglecting the importance of a solid putt, and that’s where these sockets come into play.

With one of these gadgets, golfers can easily practice their putting technique wherever they may be. It’s equally useful on the field as it is on a home floor; putt pockets are portable and lightweight, which means that they are also perfect for traveling players and people who don’t want to miss a practice session while on a vacation.

The simplicity of design and ease of use are the main reasons why it’s ranked so high on this list, although performance trackers and golfing glasses are clearly more versatile and helpful in the long run.

5. Stance and Posture Alignment Aids

It can be safely said that stance and posture are as important as the power and accuracy of any swing. Some may argue their importance is higher, as improper stance and posture can even lead to injuries and certainly higher levels of fatigue.

The stance and posture alignment aids are accurately manufactured tools that work in a way similar to height measurers. The player can adjust the length to practice different types of postures required for different techniques, and they are typically colored in vibrant colors to provide better visibility for outdoor use.

Although these matters are usually addressed by coaches for golfers in training, having a tool to improve posture at home will allow you to reinforce the lessons you’ve learned, as well as build consistency.

6. Whip/Stick Trainers

Whip trainers are extremely practical and among the most useful tools for beginners that are building the foundation of their swinging tempo, as well as swinging sequences.

There are numerous differently designed products that vary from one skill level to another; some are purposefully designed to be lightweight and small while professional models are built to provide a similar same weight, feel, and shape of an actual club.

The importance of this tool is that it can be used while sitting, driving, or walking to or from the training field. When used in combination with other golfing aids, it provides a complete, immersive training experience off-field.

7. Golf Cleaning Kit

Designed for the maintenance of various golf clubs and accessories, the golf cleaning kit is meant to retain the condition and quality of your golf gear. Although this won’t affect your performance directly, using well-kept, clean golfing equipment may improve the quality of your training.

A typical golf cleaning kit includes a clean set of towels, dedicated club cleaners, various repair tools, brushes, ball markers, divot maintenance tools, and grip tacks.


A golf training session without any of the aforementioned tools and gadgets can still yield good results. However, with a golf tracker, a UV-resistant pair of glasses, a solid pair of shoes, and training aids mentioned in this guide, you will feel more comfortable and your performance is likely to increase considerably.

We hope this article was helpful and that you’ve learned something new today on how to improve your golf training. Make sure you are staying safe in these times we are all going through and have a good one, guys!

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