Dustin Johnson putting collection

Official putting mat of Dustin Johnson Nr. Putt Trainer

Dustin’s Secret

Dustin Johnson spends 95% of his time practicing putts from inside 10 feet. He uses Perfect Practice training aids so he can practice more and practice better.

The two most common problems that amateur golfers have are, firstly, that they don’t train hard enough, but want quick results. Second, they don’t use proper golf training aids and the best golf equipment.

In a par 72 course you got regularly 36 putts. The half of the game is putting. Make your putting better and you do drastically play lower scores. That is the secret of the best players in the world. I use to say, you can’t beat Dustin Johnson with the driver but with the putter probably yes.

Lassi Pensikkala, Passionated Golfer

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Dustin Johnson Putting Collection
Dustin Johnson Putting Collection


Pendulum Stroke Trainer

Dustin Johnson Pendulum Trainer - Travel and Golf Influencer - AmerExperience Content Curator
Official putting mat and pendulum trainer – Dustin Johnson best putt training’s aid

As Seen On Golf Channel’s School Of Golf. For Golfers Of ALL Levels & Ages. Perfect Your Pendulum Stroke. Works With ANY Putter & Grip Style. Collapses For Easy Traveling.

Read here what Cameron McCormick (Coach of Jordan Spieth) says about TPM

True Pendulum Motion (TPM)


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Putting Alignment Mirror ⬇️

Putting Alignment Mirror Distin Johnson Collection

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Golf putting FAQ frequently asked questions

  1. Which is more important length control or line?

    If you want to become a better putter, start appreciating putting length control more than the line. This control is affected by important things such as the rhythm of the movement and the hit on the ball. A sense of the length of the stroke gives the player significantly more important feedback than hitting the right line.

  2. Which movement is easiest to produce putts of different lengths?

    At its best, putting is an art not a science. Many great putters don’t even pick a line or aim with the club face. They just see the inclinations of the green and react to them with a feel. The movement of the putter may not be the same for every putt, but may vary depending on the inclination.
    Think of the putter as a sensitive instrument that you control. Do not try to make a person a mechanical pendulum.

    Practice the right pendulum at home or driving range putting green making it to a routine movement. So you can focus on feel when you play.

  3. What is the one training aid that every professional golfer carries with them?

    The answer is a putting mirror

  4. What is a putting mirror?

    The putting mirror immediately indicates the position of the eyes in the setup position. You can easily see if your eyes are in relation to the ball where you want them and whether they are in line. In addition, the putting mirror assists in learning the right aim.

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Dustin Johnson Putting Collection ⬇️


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Perfect Putting Mat – Collegiate Edition ⬇️


Practice all game-day long with the Perfect Putting Mat – Collegiate Edition with designs inspired by your school

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