Can you mix golf club brands?

Can you mix golf club brands?
Can you mix golf club brands?

Does it really matter that all your clubs are the same brand?

Can you mix golf club brands? Yes. More importantly, should all your clubs be the same brand? No, not at all. Many amateur players are worried to mix up many different golf clubs. Mostly it doesn’t technically have any negative effects on your golf game. See down the example of LPGA Nr 1 Ko Jin-young.

If you play good golf with any mixed set or brand of clubs the only problem can be that it does not look good, or that you need a small technical fix like to change the grips. Sometimes it makes sense to change the putter or replace long irons with hybrids. Before you change the whole golf set think about these important points.

I’ll give you some suggestions here to avoid spending too much money and making unnecessary changes. There is a good chance that you will make the best of your current golf clubs with small additional changes. Alternatively, acquire the latest models of golf clubs or buy previous models from the great offers down below.

What about you? Do you have matching clubs in your bag? If not, you may find in this article some useful ideas and information.

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How to fix the problem by using golf headcovers and golf grips

Do you prefer an easy, effective, and economical solution? Some golfers do mind it does not look good to carry different golf brands. To avoid the esthetical problem there are great golf headcovers so that your golf bag looks uniform.

Many golfers use the same golf grips in all clubs. It looks better, and first and foremost it makes a lot of technical sense. The grips are very important for your golf game. They give the necessary feeling and the correct grip. You should take good care of your grips and change them regularly, at the latest when they are very used. The golf grips are a relatively small investment with great effect.

LPGA Tour Nr 1 Ko Jin-young plays five different golf club brands

Ko Jin-young the South Korean professional golfer who plays on the LPGA Tour has Callaway, Titleist, Bridgestone, Ping, and Taylormade in the bag.

The actual (12/20) LPGA ranking (Results | LPGA | Ladies Professional Golf Association) Number #1 Ko Jin-young plays five (5) different golf brands. She has had an incredibly fast start to her career in the women’s LPGA tour so using different brands has not been a problem in her excellent career.

What has Ko Jin-young in the bag?

  1. Driver – Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero, 9°
  2. 3-wood – Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero, 15°
  3. 5-wood – Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero, 18°
  4. Hybrid – Titleist 818 H1, 23° *(Check New and Used Golf Clubs in Global Golf)
  5. Irons – Bridgestone Tour B X-CB, (Steelfiber proto shafts) *(Check New and Used Golf Clubs in Global Golf)
  6. Wedges – Ping Glide Forged (50°, 52°, 60°) *(Check New and Used Golf Clubs in Global Golf)
  7. Putter – TaylorMade Spider X
  8. Golf Ball – Titleist Pro V1

Our comments:

Callaway is currently in great demand due to the success of the young Ko Jin-young or long drives by Phil Michelson. Michelson was struggling quite a lot with his drives before he changed to Callaway’s newest drivers.

TaylorMade: Firstly, TaylorMade Spider X seems to be very popular among the best Tour Pro golfers and certainly with good reason. Why TaylorMade’s Spider X putter is a game changer? The True Path alignment helps by visualizing the ball’s path for better putting accuracy. Spider X has extremely high moment of inertia and is very forgiving. It helped Jason Day become the world’s best putter in 2018, and with TaylorMade Spider X Rory McIlroy solved his putting problem which was in earlier years the weak point of his game.

Secondly, TaylorMade makes excellent form with the advantage of technology in all of its clubs. It is a good alternative if you want to change a full set of golf clubs, or for example, acquire a new iron set.

Buy now from the Bestsellers:

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Where to buy golf clubs new and used?

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