Original Panama Hats

The Panama Hats are originally from Montecristi Ecuador where still today the World’s Best “Sombreros” are manufactured. Our Panama Hats of finest quality are handmade in many beautiful colors.

The Panama Hats are very elegant, made of 100 % natural raw material “la toguilla” and give the best solar protection at the beach, playing golf or whenever you are outdoors.

Golf Sport Sponsoring Merchandise Original Panama Hats Fashion Ecuador
Golf Sport Elegant Panama Hats
Golf Sport Sun Protection Headwear
Play Your Best Golf Headwear Light And Elegant
Original Panama Hat – Perfect Shadow For Head, Face and Neck
Panama Hats Kids The Best Sun Protection Ever
Panama Hats Kids Prekinder and Kinder not only protects the face but the ears and neck
Classic Panama – Original Panama Hat
Classic Aguacate – Original Panama Hat
Coco Ladys – Original Panama Hat
How we pack them for you? – Original Panama Hat

Original Panama Hats
Great Value Direct From Producer In Ecuador
👉Wholesale International
Eco. Lassi Pensikkala
WhatsApp: +593997565605
E-Mail: lassi.pensikkala@outlook.com

For the international sales the Panama Hats only in wholesale minimum 100 pcs. Ask for quotation!