How do you become an elite putter? Top 5 Tips to make fewer putts – Do it like Tiger Woods

How do you become an elite putter? Top 5 Tips to make fewer putts - Do it like Tiger Woods
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How do you become an elite putter? Top 5 tips to make fewer putts – Do it like Tiger Woods

Dear Golfers,

Putting is at least half the game. In a par 72, you can regularly make 36 putts to end the round with a par.  It’s very difficult to hit the driver like a Tour pro, but you can putt like Tiger Woods.

If you’re looking to make fewer putts, here are 5 tips from the pros and excellent golf videos that can help you become a better putter: 

#1 Focus on the fundamentals

Make sure you have a good grip and stance, and work on your aim as a starting point. Double-check your grip is comfortable and consistent. Keeping your grip consistent helps to improve accuracy and increase confidence.

Remember also: Choose the right putter – Choose a putter that fits your stroke and gives you the best feel.

Golf Video: Tiger Woods – My putting

#2 Practice often

How much you practice?

Spend time on the practice green and focus on your technique, particularly the speed and direction of your putting.

Do it after you’ve warmed up and before you get on the green. Go through your whole routine of getting ready for the day.

If you normally putt on a practice green, you should probably do that on a putting green every time you play a round.

The end result will be a solid, automatic, pre-shot routine so that you have a more efficient stroke.

If you keep the same stroke speed and make subtle tweaks in your technique, you should be able to feel much better with your putter than you ever have.

This is going to help with ballstriking and putting.

Most guys under-hit the ball in a bad way, and when they try to speed it up, they wind up making worse decisions because they’re not keeping it at the same speed.

That’s why getting your rhythm back and building confidence in your putter is important. You want to trust your eyes.

You want to feel like you’re swinging a club you’ve used for a long time. If you can trust that stroke, then you’ll know you’re doing the right things.

These are the subtle things you need to work on in order to get the most out of your stroke. You want to be in a position where your eyes and hands and feet and hands work in unison.

Golf Video: Jordan Spieth’s process on the greens

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#3 Visualize the target

Visualize the target and the line you need to putt on to get the ball there.

Determination – Remember those putting drills, where you had to repeat the same process over and over again, and then some guy would yell at you to stop making so many mistakes, and you’d have to start over again?

You hated that.

I hated that.

The thing about getting better at something is that it’s usually incredibly uncomfortable. You have to keep doing the same thing over and over again. You have to be committed to it.

When you’re putting, you have to practice taking more putts, not only on your practice green but whenever you’re with your friends.

You should be “putting for practice” each time you play.

When you go to the course, see how many putts you can get in a practice round.

As you start to get better at it, you’ll start doing it more often.

You can’t take those same ugly mistakes and turn them into makes, especially if they’re taking away your confidence.

Keep practicing your short game with your buddies. I’ve noticed some of the most committed amateurs are also the best ones at golf.

It’s not just because they’re good, but because they’re so committed to doing something they know they’re bad at.

Once they’ve accomplished this, you will have the right attitude for improvement.

Golf Video: Tip to improve your putting – Trick to visualization

#4 Take your time

Don’t rush the putt. Take your time to read the green and make sure you’re confident in your aim.

Fast fact putting: Things that affect any putt are slope (L-R, R-L, Uphill or Downhill). It is generally easier to putt uphill putts than downhiller. In fact, the main reason uphillers are sunk at a higher rate is that they’re typically struck harder. The reason is that they don’t break as much and are less affected by gravity and green-reading errors. Even more complicated is putting from uphill left or right.

Look for the color change:  The best way to make heads or tails of the direction of the grain on a longer putt is to look for any change in color of the grass. If your putt is down-grain (the grass laying in the same direction as which your putt is running) the putting surface will typically have a sheen to it and the color will be a lighter shade of green. Conversely, if the putt is into the grain, the surface will look darker and the grass will have a coarser look to it. Read more about reading the grain in PGA Tour

Putting confidence – This is something most amateurs are completely unaware of.

I’m going to give Tiger the entire lead up to his first Masters title. He won there in 1997, and if you remember, the guy he beat that day was Greg Norman.

Golf Video: Tiger Woods ’97 Master’s Win at Augusta

The last round is all about confidence. You win there by being in the right mindset.

Tiger had a big stroke lead with a little over an hour to go. People were eager to see him win the Masters.

When you’re committed to your shot, you can just let it go.

You’ll get too anxious if you worry about making a putt, so when you have a decent look at a birdie, just think about it.

Focus on making the putt, and let that be all you think about.

This will be the only thing on your mind as you stand over that putt, and it will keep your head focused and clear.

Standing over an important putt can put pressure on your game—and your grip. Borrow one of Woods’ tips on short putts by using a light, consistent grip to help you feel more relaxed over those tough testers. A softer grip will let you release the putterhead, which Woods says is a critical factor on super-fast greens. “My grip pressure on an average tour green might be 5 on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lightest and 10 the tightest,” Woods explains in Golf Digest. 

#5 Focus on the ball 

Stay focused on the ball and the line you’ve visualized during the entire stroke.

Most people have too much head movement, and that distracts them. But if you’re focused and clear, you’re much better at being committed to every shot.

If you see something you want to improve on with your putting, you should just go for it. Don’t make excuses. Make it your mission to figure out how to improve it.

If you work hard at it, you can see a difference in your short game and putting in just a few weeks.

Just like Tiger, the quickest way to get better at something is to just get after it.

Otherwise you’ll just give up, and even when you do stop, you’ll stop thinking about it.

Imagine having that feeling with your putting.

Imagine being so committed to your putting that you’re doing nothing but practicing it. Imagine thinking about that little white line, your hands, your feet, your head.

It will make a huge difference for you in your golf.

Golf Video: How to putt like Cameron Smith

By following these tips, golfers can improve their putting and make fewer putts. Good luck!

How do you become an elite putter? Top 5 Tips to make fewer putts – Do it like Tiger Woods.

With golf greetings from Samborondón Ecuador,

Lassi Pensikkala

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