The Easiest Ways to Save Money While Traveling

The Easiest Ways To Save Money While Traveling
The Easiest Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Travel is arguably one of the best remedies for burnout and the most effective way to learn more about people and cultures. But a three-day stay won’t cut it. Sometimes, you must stay for weeks or months to fully immerse yourself and create meaningful experiences in one city or country. But traveling long-term can quickly burn through your savings if you’re not smart and strategic. 

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Fortunately, there are now many ways to cut costs without compromising the greatness of your travels. Will Cotter, who runs his company, Happy Cleans, remotely shares some of his favorite money-saving hacks while traveling.

Plan and prepare for your flights strategically

Travel during off-seasons

Flights and hotel accommodations are typically cheaper during this time, plus it’s also not that crowded, and there’s less queuing. If you can, avoid traveling during Christmas and other holidays or weekends. Sometimes off-seasons are weather-related. If you plan to stay for a long time or think it won’t hamper any of your itineraries, this is something you can maybe overlook.

Be flexible with your flight schedule so you can go for days with the cheapest rates.

If you’ve got time to kill, go ahead and take that flight with an 11-hour layover in a country you’ve never been to. Take advantage and use it to explore and take a quick walking tour of the city outside the airport. Compare cheap airfares and cities when you book your flight online.

Say NO to extra fees

Skip the seat selector if you’re traveling alone and don’t mind getting a random seat.
Bring your own food instead of paying for in-flight meals and snacks. Pack light and only take a carry-on bag to save money on checked-in baggage fees. It also saves you from the stress of dealing with the possibility of your luggage getting lost or ending up in a different place.

How to find cheap flights?

Find Here The Best Deals On Flights, Car Rental, And Package Holidays

Find here the best deals on Flights, Car Rental, and Package Holidays

Live more like a local, less of a tourist

Book budget hostels, homestays, or an Airbnb.

The type of accommodation you choose will play a massive role in either reducing or blowing up your travel expenses overall. Staying in a fancy hotel comes with many perks like premium service and amenities, but it also means paying more.
On the other hand, giving hostels and homestays a chance is an awesome way to meet locals or fellow travelers and open up your itinerary to spontaneous possibilities without breaking your bank. And because they cost a lot less per night, you can stretch your travel budget and stay longer. If you are absolutely set on staying in a hotel though, make sure to compare prices first.

Learn how to cook local food more and limit eating out

It would be unrealistic not to eat at restaurants or cafes to sample the gastronomic offerings in any place you visit. So, of course, do that! Food is a beautiful part of any country’s cultural tapestry; you shouldn’t miss out on that authentic travel experience. But to save money, promise to cook at least one meal daily. Shop for fresh ingredients in the market and teach yourself how to cook a popular local dish. Instead of buying coffee — trust me, that can add up! — make yourself a cup.

Fill your itinerary with lots of free attractions.

From walking tours, nature tripping, and public beaches — there are many ways to travel and discover the beauty of a city without spending too much.

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