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Amer Experience Eco Lassi Pensikkala operates as an international business development professional and buying agent for the companies in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and North Europe.

Our task is to help the companies to find new markets, new clients and business opportunities in Latin America and Europe. We understand the economy, business practices and trade patterns of the above countries and respresent you on site.

Why to hire an international business consultant and purchasing agent?

Amer Experience Eco Lassi Pensikkala share the expertise and knowledge to help businesses attain goals and solve problems. Hiring consultants and outside experts can save you time and money. It also can increase your competitiveness and professionalism. Even we have a strong academic background we want first of all to help you to solve the practical problems and to reach your goals in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia or in Europe.

Amer Experience Eco Lassi Pensikkala has a special team of experts for your project; international lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, economists, enterpreneurs etc., lead by Amer Experience Eco Lassi Pensikkala project management. Amer Experience Eco Lassi Pensikkala takes care about the project planning and management, we assist you in search of trade intermediary (agent, representative or distributor), franchise, transport&logistic, joint venture, merger or exchange of shares, sale and acquisition of a complete company or part of it, subcontracting and outsourcing activities, production, marketing or other activity involving of know-how or technology and other long-term partnership. Amer Experience Eco Lassi Pensikkala offers professional background check of customers and suppliers; and market analyses among others.

As purchasing agent Amer Experience Eco Lassi Pensikkala help the Scandinavian and other European companies in B2B and seeking new high quality products, in legal issues, contracting, quality check, cargo control and technical supervision etc. on spot in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.


We speak English, Spanish, German, Finnish and Swedish.

For more information and contacts to Amer Experience Eco Lassi Pensikkala International Business Development check here!


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Eco. Lassi Pensikkala
Affiliate Marketer and International Business Consultant
Founder of Amer Experience | Created at The Pacific Coast of Americas

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