These credit and debit cards WON’T hit you with a hefty fee when you use them in Europe

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The typical debit card charges nearly £12 in fees for a £250 cash withdrawal – but switch your account to one of these fee-free options, and you won’t need to pay a penny on your holiday overseas. Latest News 🔵

A recent MailOnline survey revealed that 14 per cent of Britons plan to travel outside the UK for a sunshine break.  

Those doing so are being warned to check the cost of using their debit or credit card before they go, however. 

Customers using their everyday accounts abroad are more likely than not to get stung, with many providers charging 3 per cent or more for purchases or cash withdrawals made outside the UK. 

Daily Mail UK is my favorite newspaper, always has the latest news and the best of journalism. Men Read here the full story:

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International Travel, Business, and Marketing Expert Lassi Pensikkala
International Travel, Business, and Marketing Expert Lassi Pensikkala


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