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The Yorkshire terriers are beautiful

Yorkies are very friendly and social. They are noble and brave dogs. Here a small story about my yorkies and some recomendation of yorkshire terrier products

Small dogs in tropical countries

As I was moving from Europe to Ecuador ten years ago I was asking what kind of small dog would be the best for the tropical climate. A friend of mine with a lot of knowledge about dogs gave me two tips: Yorkshire or Jack Russell. Small strong and resistent terriers. I decided for Yorkies.

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Coby – Yorkshire terrier products

My first best friend was Coby

I loved the smart small man who was always on my side, always happy and ready to talk. A real friend. The backyard was his world defending his territory against cats, frogs and chickens. The story tells that Yorkshire terriers origen in England where they were used for search of rats. It is incredible how they used such a beautiful dogs for hunting rats. Royal look 👑 hunters mind 🏹

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Coby and the backyard

Yorkshire special products

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Very intelligent small dog with extraordinary social skills

Coby learned until to open the electrical windows in my car. As I changed the new car I thought now he can’t because the system was quite different. I was wrong. After few weeks he was able to open the back window and put his nose out to the fresh air.

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Coby 007

Sad moments

Unfortunately Coby died last year through a snake bites. It was very sad. It was his last fight. Two times before he was in the hospital because he was after frogs which are poisonous. Tropics are a challenge for any kind of dog’s. As the dog owner you need to take the best care about your pet; even you do everything it is impossible to avoid all accidents. Although Yorkies are small dogs they love to go out and put their nose in every place. It is their nature.

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Coby hot ❤️ Lumi

Pet Doctor WebMD

Read what the Doctor says

Dogs are no toys

I am a dog owner from the old school from Finland. We had a lot of pets but most of all domestic animals. It was not very usual that the veterinary was for cats or dogs; they were taking care about cows and horses. And the dogs and cats ate the same food than the people or the rest that was left. Certainly the pet food nowadays is highly nutritious and it is very recommendable to feed your pets with all vitamins and proteins.

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Proud dogs need great jobs

From the modern point of view that was inhuman to treat the animals like in earlier times. Or could you see it different? The dogs were there to protect the house, to control the cows or cheeps and for hunting. They had a task, a job they were proud about it. The people and animals lived in a symbiosis. They lived in and with the nature.

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Taika, Ana Sofia and Lumi


We have two small Yorkshire babies Lumi and Taika (Snow and Magic in Finnish). All my family take great care of them and put a lot of attention to them. The doctor, vaccinations, right food and good education are obvious treatment to the Yorkie sisters. And I like it a lot to see the small dogs living well and my family having a lot of fun with them. The kids learn responsibility and understanding about the animals.

Small dogs best products

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Yorkies are a great choice

If you are thinking to take a Yorkshire as pet I warmly recommend it to you. They are great company. They have very positive energy and fill your house with good vibrations. Generally the dogs have extremely good affect on the mental and emotional life of the people and especially on the kids. I just think you should not treat them like toys. They are small real hunters and their nature is to be active. They are very smart and ready to learn amazing things.

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Lumi, Inga, Germania and Taika

There are a lot of books about the Yorkshire Terriers. It is very recomendable you purchase a good one to get ready for your new love.

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Inga and Lumi


Important is to have a good veterinary, to give healthy good food, to check regularly the skin, hair and teeth. Take a good care about them to avoid any inconvenience.

Yorkshire terrier

Tech to better Yorkie control

PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Indoor/Outdoor
Yorkshire terrier products

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I wish all Yorkshire fans a lot of fun with your friends. Take care 🐶

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