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Hundreds of boats in different size categories are presented at Helsinki international Vene 23 Båt boat fair. The best boat deals are made at the boat fair, where it is easy to compare boats and find the most suitable boat for you. At the same time, you can also purchase equipment and supplies. Traditionally people come to the boat fair to meet friends and acquaintances and get a feel for the upcoming boating season. Vene 23 Båt is an awaited for event and meeting place, where planning for the new boating season begins. Vene 23 Båt boat show is arranged from 10 to 19 February 2023 at Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre, now after a three-year break.

The previous Vene Båt boat fair was arranged in February 2020. Since then, boating has become even more popular and a lot of boats have been sold, especially in 2020 and 2021. Now in 2022, the sales volumes have levelled off to the level previous to that of the exceptional period. “We are looking forward to the opening of the boat show and we believe that this year the fair will reach not only loyal visitors but also a record number of new visitors who have started boating during these three years. The boat fair will be held this year in the halls on the ground floor of Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre. We have made the event more compact and the product groups have changed places a bit,” says Sales Manager Tomi Frick from Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre. “We can proudly say that the Vene 23 Båt boat show is Northern Europe’s largest boating event, which brings summer to the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre for ten days in February.”

Boaters are responsible

This year’s charity partner of the Vene 23 Båt boat fair, Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association, is a boaters’ own organization, which already includes around 13,500 responsible persons travelling on waterways. With its environmental maintenance work and maintained Roope service points, the association enables sustainable travelling on Finnish waterways. “We hope to reach new members to our services and challenge everyone to participate in Finland’s biggest collective project in honour of the 10thanniversary of our Clean Beach programme, “says Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association’s Executive Director Aija Kaski.

Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association is also in the jury of the Finnish Fair Foundation’s Save the Baltic Sea award, together with the Baltic Sea Action Group, John Nurminen Foundation and Tekniikka & Talous magazine, deciding who will receive the Save the Baltic Sea award (20,000 e) on Friday 17 February at 4 PM.

Hundreds of commercial boats in Northern Europe’s largest boat show

At the boat show, hundreds of boats in different size categories are presented and dozens of new models are presented for the first time. At the fair, you can see, among others, Alukin C 650, Alutroll 465 Trooper, AMT 240 DC, Anytec 622 SPD, Aquador 300 HT, Arronet 23’5 SPT 2, Axopar 25 Cross Bow, Beneteau Antares 9, Bennington L Line, Brabus Shadow 300 Cross Top Edition One, Brabus Shadow 900 XC Cross Cabin, Candela C-8, Fairline Targa 45 GT, Falcon BRs 4, Faster 495 XC, Finnmaster T9 ST, G-Force 8, Glacier 48, Grandezza 30 CA, Highfield Sport 600, Hydrolift X-22, Jeanneau Merry Fisher 1095 Fly, Max 68 C, Nimbus C11, Nord Star 42+ Cruiser, Nordkapp Noblesse 830 DC, Nordkapp Gran Coupe 905 V12, Ockelbo B25 CAB, Quarken 27 T-Top V2, Rand 22 Source, Ryck 280, Saxdor 205, Seamachine Cuda 5.0, Sting 580 S, Suvi 46 Fisher, Targa 32 Aft Door, Terhi 390, TG 6.1, Wellcraft 355, Windy 34 Alize and XO DFNDR 8.

The Finnish boat industry is well represented at the fair. Well over half of the motorboats are Finnish. At the fair, new models are presented by Alutroll, AMT, Aquador, Axopar, Falcon, Faster, Finnmaster, G-Force, Grandezza, Nord Star, Max, Quarken, Saxdor, Suvi, Targa, Terhi, TG and XO. Other popular Finnish boat brands at the fair are among others Alucat, Bella, Flipper, Husky, Marino, Parexo, Sargo and Silver.

The largest motorboat at the fair is Targa 46 which is over 15 meters long and the most expensive boat is Glacier 48. Sailboats presented at the fair are Beneteau Oceanis 30.1, Beneteau First 27, Beneteau First 14 and Dehler 38 SQ.

Mahogany, wooden, fishing and racing boats and a reed boat

In addition to new boats, the fair features classic boats at the Mahogany Yachting Society’s stand and impressive boats at the stand of Puuveneveistäjien yhdistys (wooden boat builders). The absolute gem of classic boats this year is Noak, which is a motorboat built in 1911 by Andrée & Rosenqvists’s boatyard. It has been owned by the same family for three generations, until its new life began as part of Ismo Postareff’s collection in northern Päijänne. The classic boats stand also has a mahogany commuter and cruising boat VIGGEN, a Gentleman’s racer in the spirit of the 1940s and the mahogany sailing canoe Red Sky Yachts. In the wooden boat builders stand, a model boat is presented, the design and construction of which received a grant from the Finnish Heritage Agency and The Finnish Cultural Foundation. The boat was designed by Jarmo Häkkinen and the prototype was built by Norboats and Nordic Craft. The prototype is a 6.5 metres long open boat.

The fishing area has several boats equipped for fishing, among others, boats presented for the first time: Aaltomarine 600CC,  Alutroll 465 Trooper,  Alutroll Snapper 410, Bayliner Element M15, Falcon BRs4, Buster M1 Fish, Buster M2 and Quicksilver Captur 705 Pilothouse. As usual, Suomen Purjehdus ja Veneily ry’s class associations’ racing boats are presented.

Finland’s first reed sailing boat will be presented at the boat fair

Ocean sailor, adventurer Kari “Ruffe” Nurmi crossed the Gulf of Finland in 30 hours in the summer of 2021 in a reed boat built for open seas. The model for the reed boat was the Ra reed boat, with which Thor Heyerdahl crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1970. The frame of the reed boat was built in two weeks at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre. Finnish lake reed was used as building material. The frame consists of four separate reed pontoons tied together and to a wooden support frame that forms the backbone of the structure. About 200 metres of rope has been used to tied one pontoon, and all in all there is about a kilometre of rope used in the boat. The length of the boat is over 8 metres, about one and a half metres more than planned. The width of the boat is about two metres and the estimated weight is 1000 kilograms. Ruffe presents the reed boat at the boat fair’s Purjehdussatama area and talks about his sailing trip to Greenland in a plastic boat last summer on the programme stage at the Purjehdussatama area.

Programmes at five places

In addition to boats, boating supplies and equipment, as well as water hobby and fishing equipment will be extensively presented at the fair. In the Aalto area at the event, you can try, among other things, paddle boarding and diving. At the boat fair, you will hear, among other things, wonderful sailing stories from the seas of the world, you will receive important information about boating and guidance on boat restoration. Programme will be presented at the Purjehdussatama stage, at the Totalveneen Messi area (information about motorboats and boating destinations), at the Venemestarin Telakka area (information about boat restorations, work demonstrations) and in the Aalto area on the fishing Alutroll-Tohatsu stage and at the pool. The programme of the event has been published and can be found at .

Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre organises Northern Europe’s largest boating event Vene 23 Båt Helsinki International Boat Show on 10-19 February 2023 at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre on behalf of Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat ry. Vene 23 Båt boat show is open Fri 10 February from 11 AM to 7 PM, Sat-Sun 11-12 February from 10 AM to 6 PM, Mon-Fri 13-17 February from 11 AM to 7 PMand  Sat-Sun 18-19 February from 10 AM to 6 PM. Tickets can be purchased in advance at a lower price at

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