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Bryson DeChambeau’s steady rise up the world rankings and subsequent maiden major championship has brought his one length irons into the limelight.

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As an amateur he actually built his own set as an experiment. This came off the back of reading about one plane swings in Homer Kelley’s book The Golfing Machine.

To start with he took some old Nike VR iron heads and added a traditional six iron length shaft into each. Then he made all the clubs the same weight by adding lead tape to the longer irons and drilling holes in the back of the shorter clubs to remove weight.

After this he started using Edel single length irons and it was with these clubs he won the US Amateur and NCAA individual title.

Soon after turning pro he signed a deal with Cobra prompting them to release their own single length irons in the form of the F7 and Forged One models.

Cobra then introduced the F8 One and are also offering hybrids and wedges in single length too.

Wishon are the third brand to offer single length with their Sterling irons.

It may seem like something new and a bit funky to some but Bobby Jones, the greatest amateur player of all time, used single length irons.

Most people just accept that variable length irons are the norm as that is what they have always used and that is all they are likely to see when they walk into the pro shop.

So why does Bryson DeChambeau use them? And, most importantly, could they help your game?

What’s the theory?

Every iron in the set has shaft which is the same length. That length will usually be that of a 7-iron.

So the theory is that you can use your 7-iron swing and set-up with every iron (and hybrid and wedge) in the bag.
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One length irons
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