Golf Review: Reflecting on Golf Legends’ Farewell at Pebble Beach – Annika Sörenstam and Michelle Wie

Golf Review: Reflecting on Golf Legends' Farewell at Pebble Beach - Annika Sörenstam and Michelle Wie

Article Review by Lassi Pensikkala, Golf Content Curator

In Beth Ann Nichols’ article Michelle Wie West, Annika Sorenstam end U.S. Women’s Open careers at Pebble Beach published in Golfweek, the poignant and bittersweet farewell of two golf legends, Michelle Wie West and Annika Sörenstam, at Pebble Beach was beautifully captured. Nichols expertly conveyed the emotions and significance of this momentous occasion, showcasing the divergent paths these two remarkable women took in their careers.

The article adeptly portrays Wie’s final shot, a 30-foot par putt, which encapsulated the essence of her career. Nichols describes the joy that illuminated Michell Wie’s face and the proud fist-clenching reaction from her husband, Jonnie. The writer’s choice of words effectively conveys the conflicting emotions that the putt held for Wie, representing both everything and nothing at the same time.

As I watched their final shots, the contrast in their journeys couldn’t have been more apparent.

For Wie, this moment held immense significance. With her daughter, Makenna, peacefully asleep in a stroller nearby, Wie’s 30-foot par putt on the 18th green captured the essence of her career. It was a putt that meant both everything and nothing at the same time, eliciting pure joy from her and a proud fist-clench from her husband, Jonnie. As he noted, it wouldn’t have been a Michelle Wie ending without some form of drama.

Meanwhile, Sörenstam’s journey up the 18th hole was fraught with difficulties. A wayward tee shot led to a lengthy ruling and confusion. Yet, despite the challenges, Sörenstam’s legendary status as one of the greatest players in the modern era shone through. With her husband on the bag and a bouquet of flowers in hand, she walked off the 18th green, accompanied by the appreciation of the crowd.

The paths taken by these two golf icons couldn’t have been more divergent, but they converged on this shared tee time at Pebble Beach, their families by their side. The weight of the moment was evident as Wie admitted to holding back tears throughout the round, cherishing the opportunity to play alongside her daughter.

Sörenstam, having retired once before, returned to the game to participate in what many consider to be one of the most impactful women’s majors in recent memory. Her ten major championships and stature as a role model made her presence felt.

For Michelle Wie, this event marked a return after stepping away from competitive play. With her ten-year exemption nearing its end, she wanted to embrace the experience one more time, surrounded by family.

Boldness defined Wie’s career, and she proudly acknowledged the bold choices she made. She hopes her story inspires young girls to follow their own paths, even if it means making mistakes along the way. Walking down the 18th fairway, her father, B.J., expressed a sense of relief, free from the worry of his daughter’s injuries. If given the chance, he would have focused more on her short game, emphasizing quality over quantity.

While Wie fell short of her wildest dream of competing in a men’s major, her time on the men’s stage propelled her into the mainstream media and attracted significant sponsorship. Although she didn’t transform the LPGA Tour as some had hoped, she became a magnet for attention and a marketer’s dream.
Sörenstam’s finality at Pebble Beach might not feel as absolute, as she prepares to compete in the U.S. Senior Women’s Open.

However, for Wie, this might be the last noteworthy appearance in her golf career.
As Wie contemplates the future, there’s a noticeable shift toward the bigger picture. Motherhood has brought about a change in perspective, pushing her to seek fulfillment beyond personal branding.

Sörenstam, ever the competitor, was frustrated by her final hole’s double-bogey putt but appreciated the warmth and support she received from the spectators, while also acknowledging the positive direction of the game.

As Wie plans to tuck her clubs away and focus on the simple joys of life, like tending to her garden and making pickles from her abundant cucumbers, it is evident that the pressure and criticism she faced as an extraordinary talent shaped her outlook.

The U.S. Women’s Open at Pebble Beach bid farewell to two golf legends, marking the end of an era. Their impact on the sport will resonate for years to come, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations of golfers.

Michelle Wie West, Annika Sorenstam end U.S. Women’s Open careers at Pebble Beach

Beth Ann Nichols’ article in Golfweek paints a vivid and evocative picture of the farewell of these golf legends at Pebble Beach. Her storytelling ability, attention to detail, and insightful analysis make this article a captivating read for golf enthusiasts and fans of Michelle Wie and Annika Sörenstam alike.

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