Drive Higher and Longer Now: 5 Answers and 5 Great Videos to Launch Your Drives to the Next Level!

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Dear Golfer,

Are you an average golfer and wondering why you can’t hit your driver 295 yards like the pros? Are you frustrated because you can’t get enough height on your drives? If you’re looking to get more distance and height on your drives then you’re in the right place. Here are 5 keys to help you hit your driver further and higher.

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Hit High and Far: 5 Essential Tips for Longer and Higher Drives!

1. Get a Fitting

If you’re looking to hit your driver further and higher, start by getting a professional fitting. Having the right club and shaft for your swing is essential for getting the most out of your driver. Your fitter will analyze your swing and help you find the best club for your swing.

2. Increase your Attack Angle

If you want to hit your driver far and high like the pros, then your attack angle needs to be more positive. In simpler terms, you need to be hitting up on the golf ball with your driver rather than down like with your irons. The attack angle is the angle created between the clubface and the ground at impact. The more positive the attack angle, the higher and further the ball will go.

3. Swing Faster

If you want to hit your driver further, you need to swing faster. You don’t need to swing harder or increase your strength, just increase your clubhead speed. This can be done by using a heavier driver and/or increasing your tempo and rhythm during the swing.

4. Move the Ball Forward

To gain more height, you need to move the ball forward in your stance. This will help you to hit up on the golf ball, creating a more positive attack angle and a higher trajectory.

5. Adjust Your Tee Height

Teeing the ball too low can result in hitting down on the golf ball, reducing the height of your drives. Adjust your tee height to the middle of your driver’s clubface to ensure you’re hitting up on the golf ball.

By implementing these 5 keys, you’ll be able to hit your driver further and higher, launching your drives 220 yards and beyond. If you’re looking to get more distance and height on your drives, the keys above are a great place to start. So, don’t be discouraged if you can’t hit your driver higher and longer, with the right tips and practice, you can!

Drive Further and Longer: 5 Essential Golf Drive Videos for Maximum Distance!

Can an average guy drive a golf ball 295 yards?

It is possible for an average guy to drive a golf ball 295 yards – albeit with significant practice and dedication. However, though it may be possible, it is highly unlikely that the average guy would be able to achieve this feat without considerable effort and time invested. 

How do I get more height on my drives?

To get more height on your drives, use a combination of proper technique and power. Start by ensuring your set up is correct, with your feet shoulder-width apart, your weight forward, and your shoulders square to the target. Then, use your lower body to drive the ball up, creating a powerful upward strike. Finally, use your arms to finish the shot and generate additional power, resulting in higher drives.

How do you hit 300 yard drives?

In order to hit 300 yard drives, the scratch golfer’s employ a combination of technique, practice, and the right equipment. They focus on the fundamentals of their swing, such as grip, stance, and posture, and make sure to use a driver that fits them. Furthermore, they practice regularly, use appropriate drills to increase their clubhead speed, and focus on their balance and timing. By doing so, they are able to hit longer, straighter drives with greater accuracy and consistency.

Best ways to launch your drives higher and longer

Launching your drives higher and longer is essential for a successful game of golf. By utilizing the right techniques, you can maximize the distance and accuracy of your shots. To begin, grip the club correctly and ensure a good swing plane. Next, learn how to properly generate clubhead speed and use the ground correctly to launch the ball. Additionally, focus on developing a strong core and a flexible body to maximize your range of motion. Lastly, practice visualization and visualization drills to keep your swing consistent and accurate. With the proper technique and practice, you can ensure that your drives will go higher and longer.

Why can’t I hit my driver higher?

The inability to hit your driver higher can be attributed to two main issues: either the tee is too low, or your swing plane is not correct. Both of these problems can be addressed by making adjustments to your stance and technique, thereby allowing for greater ball flight. Additionally, it is important to practice regularly in order to improve your swing plane and develop a consistent launch angle.


This article provides five answers and five great videos to help golfers drive higher and longer. By utilizing the provided tips and techniques, players can take their drives to the next level. Moreover, the videos provide further insight into how to improve your drives, allowing for a more holistic approach to improving your game. In summary, by following the advice in this article and watching the videos, golfers can drive higher and longer now.

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