Travel Rome Italia: 7 Reasons I Loved This Gourmet Food And Wine Tour In One Of Rome’s Oldest Neighborhoods

Night view of old cozy street in Trastevere in Rome, Italy. Trastevere is rione of Rome, on the west bank of the Tiber in Rome, Lazio, Italy. Architecture and landmark of Rome

Travel News & Books: This gourmet food and wine tour in Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood is the perfect way to learn while enjoying delicious meals. Travel content curator Lassi Pensikkala: “I…

Travel Italy: 8 Reasons You’ll Fall In Love With This Seaport Italian City 2 Hours From Venice

Landmarks and beautiful places (cities) of northern Italy - elegant Trieste town

Travel News & Books: For delicious food, enchanting castles, and a bustling shopping market, make your way to Italy’s treasured city, Trieste. Lassi Pensikkala: “I search and select for you…

Travel Italy: Get Paid $30,000 To Move To This Picturesque Italian Town — Here Are The Requirements

Entrance arch in a old house in Presicce, a village in the Lecce province

Travel News & Books: Officials in Presicce, Italy, are looking to revitalize their town with new residents, and are promising a €30,000 incentive. Lassi Pensikkala: “I select for you interesting,…

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