Life after lockdown on Germany’s Baltic coast | Germany holidays | The Guardian

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It’s the middle of June and it feels like a perfect summer day in Warnemünde. The pretty canal-side promenade is thronged with people eating fish and chips out of paper cones and gorging on soft Danish ice-cream (a speciality here). Gaudy tour boats drift breezily along the canal every few minutes, and shops selling everything …

Flying During Coronavirus: How Airlines Are Changing Their In-Flight Rules | Condé Nast Traveler

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THE LATEST ON MANDATORY MASKS, BLOCKED MIDDLE SEATS, AND UPDATED BOARDING PROCEDURES. After coming to a near standstill due to the coronavirus outbreak, the air travel industry is turning its collective attention to what it will take to get passengers flying again. The first step: making fliers feeling safe in the confined space of an …

The best hotels in Mexico and South America | CN Traveller

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Get to know our Gold List of the best hotels in Mexico and South America, hand-picked by the editors of Condé Nast Traveller. — Read on We inform you about Fashion | Travel | Golf | International Business Kind regards Eco. Lassi Pensikkala Affiliate Marketer and International Business Consultant Founder of Amer Experience —— …

Un hombre se vuelve loco al observar aves y otro hombre consigue un bebé después de ver una tortuga en Ecuador

Mi amigo de Alemania es un verdadero amante de la naturaleza y un fanático de la observación de aves. Me visitó en Ecuador y no es de extrañar que se volviera loco con la increíble Flora y Fauna ecuatoriana. Visitamos el Amazonas, las montañas andinas y en el camino de regreso a Guayaquil en la …

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