Most Popular Pins On Pinterest (See The Best Pinterest Pins)

What You’ll Learn:

  • The Pinterest demographic breakdown
  • Why Pinterest matters to marketers
  • What makes a Pin popular
  • How to find trending topics
  • The most popular Pins by industry
  • Pinterest is an interesting platform.
  • It’s a social media site that doesn’t quite feel as social as Facebook or Twitter. 

It’s a photo-centric platform like Instagram, but without the sense that you’re competing for likes and followers and little pressure to showcase an idealized version of yourself.

In fact, users report that the platform helps them learn new things and find new products. What’s more, Pinners are twice as likely to say that their time on the platform was time well-spent. 
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What are the most popular Pins in Pinterest?

Most Popular Pins On Pinterest

Most Popular Pins On Pinterest


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