‘You want to get that reassurance’: Why Scottie Pippen, John Legend are endorsing travel

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George Clooney, John Legend and Scottie Pippen want you to travel.

All three celebrities star in new campaigns tied to the travel industry: Clooney promotes a fundraiser that offers the chance to visit him in Italy, John Legend stars in a new Vrbo ad that promotes visiting loved ones and Scottie Pippen offers up his own Chicago home through Airbnb.

It’s no coincidence that travel companies are using familiar faces in their campaigns just as the travel industry is starting to rebound.

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"This kind of support to the travel industry is fantastic, thank you very much, George Clooney, John Legend, and Scottie Pippen. It is what we all travel professionals and everyone who works in the travel business urgently need. The travel industry is one of the biggest economic sectors globally and the social and economical impact is huge" - Lassi Pensikkala creator of AmerExperience.com

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