The science behind manifestation: Turning dreams into reality

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The science behind manifestation: Turning dreams into reality

Manifestation: I want to be a millionaire! I want to win the match! I want to be famous! These phrases often echo in the minds of those aspiring to achieve their dreams. But does the practice of manifestation truly work? Let’s explore this intriguing concept and uncover the science behind it.


In the ever-evolving landscape of self-improvement and personal development, the concept of manifestation has garnered substantial attention. It’s a practice that has stirred the curiosity of individuals who aspire to shape their destinies and achieve their deepest desires. But does manifestation truly work, or is it merely a product of wishful thinking? This article, authored by M.Sc.Econ. Lassi Pensikkala, a seasoned scholar who has studied Economics, Psychology, and Sociology, delves into the depths of manifestation. With expertise in crafting content related to business and sport psychology, Pensikkala explores the article titled “Does Manifesting Work?” from written by Mara Santilli. Together, let’s embark on a journey to unravel the science, psychology, and practicality behind the art of manifesting one’s dreams into reality.

Positive thinking and mental well-being

In our pursuit of success and happiness, positive thinking plays a pivotal role. Research has consistently shown that maintaining a positive mindset can significantly benefit our mental well-being. According to the Mayo Clinic, positive thinking can lead to lower instances of depression and enhance our ability to cope with stressful situations.

One of the core principles of manifestation revolves around the power of positive thinking. It encourages individuals to focus their thoughts and energy on their goals and desires. While this practice may not magically fulfill your wishes, it can increase your chances of success, akin to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Influence of visualization

Visualization is a key component of manifestation, where individuals mentally picture their objectives and desires. A fascinating study from 2017, published in Basic and Applied Social Psychology, illustrates the impact of visualization. Tennis players who engaged in visualization exercises, envisioning their goals of improving performance and winning matches, experienced greater success compared to those who didn’t visualize their objectives.

This study highlights how a goal-oriented mindset, combined with visualization, can lead to tangible improvements in performance. It demonstrates that manifesting isn’t merely wishful thinking but a tool to enhance one’s ability to reach their goals.

The Power of Outlook

Another valuable study, published in The Encyclopedia of Mental Health in 2016, delves into the concept that our outlook on a situation—whether positive or negative—can significantly influence the outcome. This reinforces the idea that our beliefs and expectations can shape our reality. When we manifest our desires with a positive outlook, we may be more likely to turn them into reality.

Exploring Practical Techniques for Effective Manifestation

Manifestation, as a practice, goes beyond mere wishful thinking and taps into the power of focused intention, belief, and mindfulness. To successfully harness this power, let’s delve into more detailed and refined techniques:

  1. Cultivate Focused Intention – Manifestation is not akin to casually making a wish upon a star. It demands a profound commitment to your objectives. Begin by cultivating a clear and specific intention. Define your goals with precision, outlining what you truly desire. The more precise your intention, the easier it becomes to manifest it into reality. Remember, focused intention is the cornerstone of effective manifestation.
  2. Speak Your Desires Aloud – Verbalizing your aspirations can be a powerful step in the manifestation process. When you speak your goals out loud, you are not only expressing your desires but also reinforcing your commitment to achieving them. The act of vocalizing your intentions sends a strong message to your subconscious mind, aligning your thoughts with your objectives.
  3. Put It in Writing and Set Reminders – The written word holds incredible power. Take the time to write out your intentions and goals in a journal or on a vision board. This tangible representation of your desires serves as a constant reminder of what you aim to manifest. Additionally, set up calendar reminders or alarms to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind. Regularly revisiting your written intentions reinforces your dedication to making them a reality.
  4. Integrate Manifestation into Meditation – Meditation is a profound practice for self-reflection and inner alignment. Incorporating manifestation into your meditation routine can deepen your connection with your goals. During your meditation sessions, visualize your desired outcomes with clarity and positivity. Engage all your senses as you mentally experience your achievements. This process not only helps you stay focused but also enhances your belief in the possibility of manifesting your goals.

By embracing these refined techniques, you can elevate your manifestation practice from a mere wishful endeavor to a transformative process that empowers you to bring your dreams and aspirations into fruition. In fact, manifestation is a journey that requires dedication, mindfulness, and a belief in your own potential to shape your reality.

The manifestation is more than just wishful thinking; it’s a powerful tool rooted in the principles of positive thinking, visualization, and belief in oneself. While it may not guarantee instant success, the science behind manifestation suggests that it can significantly increase your odds of turning your dreams into reality. So, dare to dream, set your intentions, and embark on the journey of manifesting your desires into existence.

Based on my observations of the article “Does Manifesting Work?” from by Mara Santilli, it appears to be a well-constructed and balanced exploration of the effectiveness of manifestation. The article’s strengths lie in its reliance on reliable sources, its diverse examination of manifestation from multiple viewpoints, and its inclusion of research-based insights.

Santilli’s ability to maintain objectivity and provide practical advice for readers interested in manifestation adds to the article’s overall quality. Moreover, the article’s engagement with reader feedback through comments fosters a sense of community and discussion around the topic.

“Does Manifesting Work?” by Mara Santilli appears to be a valuable resource for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of manifestation. Its careful analysis, diverse perspectives, and practical approach make it a noteworthy contribution to the discussion on this intriguing topic.

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