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Travel News & Books: Wild Guide Greece by Sam Firman and Nick Hooton is a new guidebook that maps Greece’s ‘magnificent wild side’ and is bursting with photos of more than 1,000 heavenly places.

Lassi Pensikkala’s review of the article “The new Wild Guide Greece book by Sam Firman and Nick Hooton maps Greece’s ‘magnificent wild side'”:

I am a big fan of Greece, and I am always looking for new ways to experience this beautiful country. So, when I saw the article about the new Wild Guide Greece book, I was immediately interested.

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The book sounds like a great resource for anyone who wants to explore the hidden gems of Greece. It features over 1,000 places to visit, including many that are little-known to tourists. The book also includes detailed directions and information on how to visit these locations, including map coordinates.

I was particularly interested in the following places featured in the book:

  • Meteora: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a cultural and geological wonderland of Eastern Orthodox monasteries cloistered precipitously in a landscape of titanic and otherworldly rock towers.
  • Tymphi Dragon Lake: This perfect bowl of a mountaintop lake, sitting among dramatic summits at 2,050m (6,725ft), should be the crux of any trip to this area.
  • Panagia Islet: This picturesque pine-clad islet and popular wedding spot in the waters of Parga port is a great place to take a boat trip and explore the church and various bathing spots.
  • Didima Caves: This striking sinkhole is incongruously set amidst fields and is alive with roosting birds and vegetation.
  • Balos Beach: This idyllic spot with turquoise waters, white sand, a rocky island and an expansive lagoon is one of Crete’s most famous beaches.
  • The Baths of Venus: This scenic inlet, furnished with rock perches for lounging and jumping into the azure water, feels designed for a summer afternoon.
  • Panta Vrechei Gorge: This possibly Greece’s most magical gorge walk offers visitors the chance to paddle, wade and even swim along the pristine Krikeliotis River, beneath a rickety footbridge and into a twisting canyon that ushers you towards a kaleidoscopic hideaway of shimmering mossy falls.
  • Kipinas Monastery: Hewn deep into the surrounding rock in 1212, with a retractable entrance bridge, this cave monastery served as a secret school during the Turkish occupation.
  • Verliga Alpine Lake: This true mountain paradise lies thousands of feet up in the shadow of fearsome Mount Lakmos and is a supreme spot for camping, best enjoyed in spring when crocuses bloom amidst the snow patches.
  • Arsalis Church: This truly special church can be reached following a difficult hike and is built into a gaping cave mouth with a via ferrata belfry and a magnificent perspective over the plains beyond Ypati.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Wild Guide Greece book. It is well-written, informative, and visually stunning. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is planning a trip to Greece.

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Lassi Pensikkala

The original story Secret beaches and mysterious monasteries: Magical places to visit for adventure in unspoiled Greece in Daily Mail UK

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