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Now that the novelty is wearing off and the frustrations which form the basis of our great game start to return, how do you keep your cool on the course?

Our bodies love to stay at a regular temperature. Overheating is detrimental and so, on hot days, we sweat. This process sees blood flow to the skin to encourage sweating and therefore cooling of the core temperature. The sweat needs to evaporate in order to help this. Therefore the higher priced ‘moisture wicking’ golf shirts are worth the purchase. And there’s no rule to how much we perspire individually. Some people sweat heavy and others a lot less.

Fitness levels also play a part. Lean muscle tissue has a far higher water content than adipose – or fat – tissue. Ultimately if you are young, lean, fit and use an electric trolley, you’re helping your body big time. Drinking water before and during the round gives you further advantage.

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Once we start to sweat we reduce our hydration levels and, as many are aware, dropping by just 2% begins to affect muscle speed, strength, our co-ordination and our ability to think properly – or caddie for ourselves.

The golf course you play undoubtedly affects hydration. A links course often has a breeze and helps us stay cool. Playing a hilly course will place extra demands on our muscles and blood flow. Those familiar with both courses would see how the back nine at Huddersfield Golf Club is far more of a threat to our thermostat on a hot day than the back nine on the Hotchkin course at Woodhall Spa.
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