How 7 Brands Are Using LinkedIn Live to Reach Their Audiences

While you might have been going live on both Facebook and Instagram since 2016, LinkedIn has recently decided to join the live streaming platforms.

In fact, in February 2019, LinkedIn Live was launched to individual users. It was just recently announced that LinkedIn Live would also become available to business pages.

While your business page might not have live capabilities yet, once it’s available you can use it to launch new products, demonstrate thought leadership, and boost your content strategy.

In this post, we’ll look at how seven brands have been doing that with LinkedIn Live.

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LinkedIn Live Examples

Vimeo’s Working Lunch
MIT’s Commencement Ceremonies
BCG’s Advice for the Graduating Class
Hootsuite’s Brand Partnership Announcement
Thrive Global’s AMA with Ariana Huffington’s Interactive Blog
PwC Sweden’s Recruitment Panel
1. Vimeo’s Working Lunch

When Vimeo received access to LinkedIn Live, the brand started to showcase a weekly show called “Working Lunch.”

With this series, Vimeo used the popular “lunch and learn” format. They sat down with experts in business, tech, and communications to educate their audience.

In fact, this is a great example of how to use LinkedIn Live to reach your audience with serialized content. A series gives your followers something to look forward to on a regular basis. It’ll keep them coming back for more.

Additionally, Vimeo’s series is a great example of educating your audience. Inbound marketing focuses on being helpful and providing educational content, and you can use LinkedIn Live to support those efforts in an interactive way.
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