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Web design is at the heart of Will’s Premium Home Cleaning Businesses

Will Cotter’s successful home cleaning entrepreneurial enterprises rely on bespoke web designs. As a young digital nomad, his businesses include DeluxeMaid, HappyCleans, and the newest one, FreshSpace offersinstant quotes and high-end home cleaning bookings in just 60 seconds.  Will travels widely whilst managing his online businesses.  Let’s hear more from him about his journey to success as an entrepreneur.  

Q:  Hi Will, can you tell us about your business model?  How do your home cleaning businesses work?

A:  Hi, yes. My businesses are premium home cleaning services targeting potential clients in named geographical locations. We aim to offer a streamlined service for tech-loving millennials to access bespoke cleaning quotations and then book cleans with reputable and professional cleaners via our websites.  Customer satisfaction is key to our business model. Our web booking systems allow us to send automated communications to clients to keep them updated and to secure feedback from them.

Q:  Home cleaning is a m market that’s been around for a while. How did you ensure your service stood out in a competitive marketplace?

A:  You know, you’re right!  When I was contemplating the business, I spoke to a few associates who told me the home cleaning sector was a saturated industry. Look on Craigslist and you’ll find dozens of local home cleaners offering their services. But I also knew that time poor-cash rich millennials want quality service they access online without hassle. Through intentional marketing, I felt there was a place for my business ideas in this crowded sector. Web design and SEO optimization, including through relentless blogging, have been critical to our success.  

Q:  So, how did you get to become a digital nomad and business owner? Was that an accident or by design?

A:  Great question! Well, having studied digital marketing and e-commerce to the master’s level, I already knew the power of effective digital marketing for launching and sustaining successful businesses. Initially, I worked as an employee in the corporate world managing digital marketing for large businesses. That brings some level of security but comes at a cost. For me, the cost was restrictions around the hours and locations I worked, limiting me from following my passion for traveling.  The lure of freedom and flexibility entrepreneurialism offers was my prime aim in branching out and setting up my businesses.  And, yes, web design was at the heart of my business as a deliberate plan from the outset.  If I were to travel, I needed a storefront that I could manage from anywhere in the world.  

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Q:  So, you jumped feet first into leaving employment in the corporate world and establishing your own business?

A:  No. My process was gradual. I was aware of my apprehension about turning my back on a steady paycheck for the uncertainty of digital entrepreneurship. Taking measured steps toward where I wanted to be was how I managed that risk and contained my anxiety about finances. Initially, I held on to my corporate job and started DeluxeMaid as a side hustle. Sure, that meant a real investment of time and energy as I combined both commitments. Once I knew DeluxeMaid had a solid client base and could sustain a steady revenue, I felt able to make my entrepreneurial endeavors my sole focus.  

Q. And today? Where are you at with your businesses now?

A:  Well, in less than five years, we’ve gone from a startup of one person managing everything, juggling phone calls, customer bookings, and recruitment, to a team of 25 employees working remotely across customer service, sales, and marketing. I’m proud to say we have over 150 professional cleaners on our books, allowing us to confidently meet demand. That figure is set to increase as we continue to expand. Our online presence via our websites ensures we have a steady stream of new inquiries and bookings.  

Q:  I wonder what you’ve learned along the way? Things that, with hindsight, you’d do differently.

Well, I’ve learned how important it is to have good people around you to bounce around ideas and keep me on track. In those early days, there was so much to attend to and at times I did experience overwhelm. My focus was on growing the business. In my eagerness, I pushed capacity hard, pushing myself close to my limits, and ended up getting into a panic at times around meeting demand. Having great business partners meant I was able to turn that experience into a learning curve. That helped me to identify how important quality and service were to our business model. One satisfied customer who invests in a premium product is worth more to our business than a handful of clients who are left dissatisfied despite a cut-price product. I realized managing my expectations about the pace of growth would help me to be better able to make decisions that benefitted the business long term. One of those decisions was to build streamlined communication systems and processes within our web designs, so we keep customers informed of their booking and proactively get feedback from clients post-clean. 

Q:  Great. So, any final top tips you want to share with budding digital nomad entrepreneurs? 

Yes, well, my tip would be don’t neglect your storefront! If you want to bring business in and grow the business, ensure your website speaks directly to your ideal customer. Keep communication at the heart of your processes and attend to marketing strategies to ensure your website is being seen. The internet is a big place, after all. I think it’s tempting to be lured into the vacation mindset and fantasies of never-ending holidays if you opt for a digital nomad lifestyle. Sure, travel is one of the perks, but you also need to remember you’re running a business and that requires leadership and eyes. In my experience, the gains have outweighed the costs and I’ve been able to balance business and pleasure.  

Will Cotter is the successful owner of HappyCleansDeluxeMaid, and FreshSpace. His passions include tech, travel, and business startups.

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