Copa La Ganga Guayaquil Country Club 2023 in Ecuador: A day of golf, competition, and celebration

Copa La Ganga Guayaquil Country Club 2023 in Ecuador: A day of golf, competition, and celebration

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On the 18th of November 2023, the esteemed golfers gathered at the Guayaquil Country Club for the highly anticipated Copa La Ganga tournament. The event promised a day of spirited competition, camaraderie, and celebration within the lush greens of this exceptional course on the Pacific coast of Ecuador.

Copa La Ganga Guayaquil Country Club 2023 in Ecuador: A day of golf, competition, and celebration

Copa La Ganga Guayaquil Country Club 2023 in Ecuador: A day of golf, competition, and celebration

The tournament, skillfully organized by La Ganga, featured a unique format — the Canadian or pure alternate-shot style. Participants, forming pairs, strategically chose who would tee off on even and odd-numbered holes. The dynamic play required players to alternate shots, adding an extra layer of strategy and teamwork to the game.

Notably, the tournament embraced inclusivity by disregarding handicap differences. The handicap calculation was simplified, taking the sum of both players’ handicaps and dividing by two. This approach emphasized fair play and leveled the playing field for all participants.

Copa La Ganga Guayaquil Country Club 2023 in Ecuador: A day of golf, competition, and celebration Rafael Miranda

The age-based tee assignments further added a nuanced dimension to the competition. Players under 65 utilized the 65-mark tees, while those above 65 and 75 used the 60 and 55-mark tees, respectively. The careful consideration of age in tee selection highlighted the commitment to ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants.

The meticulous course setup, with fairways at 15mm, Tifeagle at 10mm, greens measuring 2.8 on the stimpmeter, and roughs at 1.5″, reflected the high standards maintained by the Guayaquil Country Club. This, coupled with the challenging design by Trent Jones III, ensured a demanding yet rewarding course for the participants.

The day unfolded with ideal weather conditions, a testament to the region’s consistent tropical climate. Over 100 enthusiastic golfers took on the course, navigating the challenges presented by the well-designed layout. Despite the challenging setup, the spirit of competition was palpable, and the scores reflected the demanding nature of the course.

The trophy ceremony, a fitting conclusion to the day’s events, was marked by spectacular festivities. Attendees enjoyed excellent food, and the winners were rewarded with impressive prizes, including televisions and computers. Notably, the caddies were not left out, with the main prize being a motorcycle — a unique and thoughtful gesture acknowledging their integral role in the tournament.

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The winners of each category demonstrated exceptional skill and determination:

Category 1:

  • Winners: Mario Polit and Pablo Aguirre with an impressive -7 / 65.
  • Second place: Romeo Almeida and Sebastian Ledesma with -3 / 69.

Category 2:

  • Winners: Nobiaki Fukaura and Susana Loqui tied with Andres Carrion and Jose Suarez, both at +1 / 73.

Category 3:

  • Winners: Darling Remache and Fernando Orozco dominated with an impressive -12 / 60.
  • Second place: Byron Alvarez and Pablo Zambrano with a commendable -8 / 64.

Ladies’ Category:

  • Winners: Cristina Naranjo and Gabriela Goldbaum secured victory with +1 / 73.
  • Second place: Maria F Calero and Maria F Almeida showed resilience with +13 / 84.

Copa La Ganga Guayaquil Country Club 2023 in Ecuador: A day of golf, competition, and celebration Rafael Miranda

Special gratitude extends to key individuals whose contributions were instrumental in making the La Ganga golf event at Guayaquil Country Club a resounding success. Juan Antonio Serrano, Captain of Golf GCC, played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth execution of the tournament, fostering a sense of camaraderie among participants.

Rafael Miranda, the Golf Coach at the Royal Golf Academy, added a touch of expertise and guidance, enhancing the overall experience for the golfers. His valuable insights contributed to the skillful play witnessed throughout the day.

Carlos Miranda, President of GCC, demonstrated leadership and commitment, overseeing the event’s organization and ensuring that the facilities met the highest standards. His dedication to the sport and the club’s success was evident in the seamless execution of the tournament.

A special acknowledgment goes to the grand old man, Rafael Miranda, Ex-president of the Guayaquil Country Club. His enduring legacy and continued support underscored the significance of golf as a cherished tradition at the GCC. His involvement in the event highlighted the strong foundation upon which the club’s golfing community thrives.

In essence, these individuals, through their roles and dedication, contributed significantly to the success of the La Ganga golf event, elevating it to a prominent status within the GCC’s sporting calendar. Their collective efforts reinforced the club’s reputation for providing exceptional golfing and sport facilities, fostering a sense of community, and ensuring memorable experiences for all participants.

In summary, the Copa La Ganga at the Guayaquil Country Club proved to be a memorable and successful event, blending competitive golf, strategic play, and a vibrant celebration of the sport. The tournament’s meticulous organization and the participants’ skill showcased the rich golfing culture at the GCC, making it an iconic event in the region.

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Lassi Pensikkala

Avid golfer, Member of Guayaquil Country Club

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