Chile is reopening: Here’s our guide to the world’s longest country

From the dry north to the frozen south, Chile’s diverse ecosystems are waiting for you in Chile.

Euronews Travel Chile is reopening: Here’s our guide to the world’s longest country

Lassi Pensikkala comments:

“Chile at the Pacific coast South America’s is the longest country in the world and the real wonder of ecosystems. Euronews Travel writes: Depending on what you want to experience – whether that’s penguins and skiing or beaches and wine tasting – there’s no wrong time to visit Chile.

I know Chile and I’ve got good friends from there. We live in Ecuador north of Chile, and here is quite big community of chilean expats.

The people of Chile are very friendly even they are more “europeans” in their life style than the other latin people. Chile is economical the  most developed country in Latin America maybe, because of the way how the chileans are. 

If you plan to travel to Chile be aware the huge distances. Chile is one of the closest countries to Antarctica, and in the north the Atacama desert in boardering to Peru.

South America is amazing travel destination for nature lovers, and Chile is one outstanding example of it.”

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