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Morganite Engagement Ring Moc-7994Lp

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Rose Gold Princess Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

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Free 14K White Gold 0.50ct. Moissanite Studs On Purchases Over $1,500

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White & rose Gold Diamond Heart Necklace 7363NP – $1,995.00

This stylish two tone gold diamond heart necklace features modern styling with a white gold shared prong set diamond heart entwined with rose gold curling ribbons accented with a single diamond on the lower tips for an elegant flair.

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– Diamond Engagement Rings –

Diamond Engagement Rings Barkev’s

Displaying your love in a customized way is easy with a one of a kind piece from Barkev’s.

– Rose Gold Engagement Rings –

Rose Gold Engagement Rings Barkev’s

Find the perfect engagement ring or bridal set from our collection of brilliant rose gold engagement rings.

– Morganite Engagement Rings –

Morganite Engament Rings Barkev’s

When you choose a Barkev’s morganite engagement ring, you’re selecting a ring that’s as unique as she is.

– Bridal Sets –

Bridal Sets Rings Barkev’s

A bridal set ensures your engagement ring and wedding band perfectly match one another, creating something truly magical, just like your love story.

– Black Diamond Engagement Rings –

Diamond Engagement Rings Barkev’s

Our black diamond engagement ring collection is handcrafted in the United States and set with only the highest quality black diamonds. These stunning pieces are perfect for any lover of luxury and will be perfect for the one-of-a-kind beauty in your life.

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Moissanite and Black Diamond Engagement Ring MOI-7898LBK – $3,155.00

from: Barkev’s

7880Styw Front - Travel And Golf Influencer - Amerexperience
White & Yellow Gold Bridal Set 7880STY – $1,665.00

from: Barkev’s

7973Lpw Front 1 1 - Travel And Golf Influencer - Amerexperience
Black Diamond Halo Moissanite Bridal Set MOI-7969S2BK – $6,795.00

from: Barkev’s

6051B - Travel And Golf Influencer - Amerexperience
Diamond Bracelet Opal – 6051B – $4,475.00

from: Barkev’s

7855Bw - Travel And Golf Influencer - Amerexperience
Diamond Bracelet 7855B – $43,990.00

from: Barkev’s

Unique Engagement Rings

Barkev’s Established In 1981 – Engagement Rings – Wedding Rings – Shop Now! Barkev’s Diamond Engagement Ring, Barkev’s Black Diamond Rings, Barkev’s Rose Gold Rings

This is what Barkev’s says:

Why Barkev’s Jewelry?

Our continuing efforts enable us to offer our customers the finest quality of engagement rings and fine jewelry. Our factory is located in Los Angeles, and we take pride to say that all of our jewelry is designed and manufactured completely in our facilities.

Choosing a unique engagement ring

When the love between you and your partner is special and rare, you likely desire an engagement ring that reflects the uniqueness of your relationship. A one-of-a-kind ring is a piece that garners lots of attention and compliments. It may showcase a unique cut, rare-color stones, or lots of intricate detailing that sets it apart from more traditional engagement ring styles. Barkev’s Jewelry.

All about the color

While traditional clear diamonds have all the sparkle and luster that is expected from wedding jewelry, sometimes a bride-to-be needs to infuse a little more of her colorful personality into her engagement ring. A blue center sapphire, offset by clear diamonds, imparts a regal feel and is reflective of her poise and elegance. Many bridal couples choose colored stones for their engagement rings for sentimental reasons. A bride may want a colorful center stone to reflect her birthday gemstone or favorite color. Many times, the groom-to-be will choose an engagement ring with two stones: one colored stone represents his birthday and the other represents hers. This duality of colored stones reflects the union between two beautiful souls.

Black and White

Many modern brides are embracing the new trend in engagement rings: black and white diamonds. The stark contrast between the translucent clear diamonds and richness of the black create an eye-catching dance of yin and yang that work together flawlessly and beautifully. If you and your partner have a special “opposites attract” kind of bond and relationship, the black and white diamond engagement ring may offer a reflective representation of your union.

Think outside of box

A traditional engagement ring, while beautiful, is very predictable and easy to distinguish as a piece of wedding jewelry. Perhaps you envision the engagement ring of your dreams having tons of reflective diamond cutting, a wideband, and a rainbow of gemstone hues. On the contrary, if you have small hands or prefer a minimalist style aesthetic, you may have fallen in love with the look of a thin rose gold band with a small bezel-set, blush morganite stone. If you love the traditional look of diamonds but long for something a little more trendy or fashion-forward, a lattice-design ring with lots of mini marquise-shaped diamonds may speak to your heart.

The final cut

If you love sparkle, your dream unique engagement ring may come down to how the diamond is cut. Asscher-cut, emerald, and cushion-cut engagement rings offer some of the most brilliant sparkles and shine you could ever hope for in wedding jewelry. Every turn of the hand will catch the light and reflect it in a beautiful dance when you choose a classic engagement ring with a contemporary cut. Whether you are drawn to a unique color, an eye-catching cut, a particular metal, or the shape of a stone and its setting, your engagement ring should be both a direct reflection of your unique sense of style and your beautiful relationship. You will proudly wear this unique, eye-catching, and breathtaking symbol of your love every day. The decision of which engagement style to choose really does depend on the bride and her personal style, and today’s brides have more choices than ever! Shop Barkev’s Jewelry today for the best in engagement ring styles, quality, and selection.

Barkev’s Jewelry – Engagement Rings – Wedding Rings – Shop Now! Barkev’s Diamond Engagement Ring, Barkev’s Black Diamond Rings, Barkev’s Rose Gold Rings

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