Amber list travel: We reveal the secrets that will let you find some perfect peace in Greece

Travel Insider 🔵 YOUR UPDATES TODAY 🔵 The UK government no longer advises against all but essential to the whole of Greece, including all of its idyllic islands. We detail some of the country’s lesser-known spots and the top places to stay. Latest News 🔵

The rugged Mani peninsula, the middle prong of the Peloponnese, is one of Greece’s most isolated and starkly beautiful regions, with the Taygetus Mountains running down its spine. Its people claim direct descendancy from the ancient Spartans.

Tucked away near the bottom of the peninsula is Citta dei Nicliani, a rustic but chic hotel in a restored 18th Century tower, with just seven rooms plus two new interconnecting suites in a separate building.

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Greece Best Things To Do 🔵

Best Things To Do In Greece



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International Travel, Business, and Marketing Expert Lassi Pensikkala
International Travel, Business, and Marketing Expert Lassi Pensikkala