Air travel angst – Is it safe for airplanes to fly over water?

Air travel angst – In people with a fear of flying (aviophobia), the very thought of getting on a plane causes fear, you’ve likely experienced the anxiety fight-or-flight response. The so called flight angst can be extremely stressful for those affected, especially if they have to fly for professional reasons. In many cases, however, the flight syndrome can be overcome quickly with the help of therapy.

The following article in USA Today can help you recover from flight syndrome by better understanding what happens in flight and on the plane.

Air travel: How safe is it for commercial jets to fly over water?

Is it safe to fly over water?

– AB, Texas

Yes, it is safe to fly over water, and pilots around the world do it safely thousands of time a day. Today’s airliners are designed to remain safe even if they experience a malfunction, such as an engine failure. 

Twin-engine airliners have engines that are so reliable that the odds of a malfunction while over water are very, very low. Should that happen, they have alternate airports designated throughout the flight path where they can land. 

Generators, hydraulic pumps or systems, and pneumatic systems all have multiple redundant systems. For example, hydraulic pumps are both engine-driven and electrically driven for redundancy. Some airplanes have a ram air turbine that is lowered when electrical power is lost to provide a backup to power a hydraulic pump and limited electrical generator.

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