Why we should start travelling again as soon as we feel comfortable

Travel Insider 🔵 YOUR UPDATES TODAY 🔵 Travel writer Mark Bibby Jackson explains why the global tourism sector needs us in order to survive.

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Mark Bibby Jackson is passionate about travel and sharing the joys of visiting new places and people. He is the founder and group editor of websites Travel Begins at 40 and London Begins at 40, as well as the award-winning author of three thrillers set in Cambodia. Here he tells us how to get going on an international trip after COVID has kept us all at home.

The UK Government has removed restrictions for travellers entering or returning to the country to self-isolate, except from red list countries. And it’s left many people considering whether this means the time has finally come to resume international travel.

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International Travel, Business, and Marketing Expert Lassi Pensikkala

International Travel, Business, and Marketing Expert Lassi Pensikkala