Why we hope unraked bunkers are here to stay (yes, really) | National Club Golfer

Rather more importantly, though, it’s restoring the element of jeopardy to bunkers that we modern golfers have largely forgotten.

Somehow, it has got to the stage where we golfers expect – make that demand – a perfect lie when we are in a bunker. And yet bunkers are supposed to be hazards. We don’t feel the same way about rough, and nor do we think that if we hit it against a tree that we have a right not to be tangled up in the roots.

During my rounds post-lockdown, I have grimaced as I have approached these unraked bunkers, fearing the worst. That’s just as it should be. I shouldn’t have hit it in there in the first place.

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Better still, if you are a skilful sand player, then unraked bunkers offer an opportunity to demonstrate your prowess and gain a deserved advantage over your opponent or the field.

Just like a really tight lie does for the skilful chipper near the green. Or a hardpan fairway for the superior ball-striker with an iron in their hands from 180 yards out. Or a stiff breeze into and off the left for those able to flight a raking draw.

I say: get creative; embrace the challenge; see it as an opportunity to show your skills. Work out how to play the chunk and run from a footprint. Experiment with what works best when there is no sand under your ball. And if you can’t get it close? Well, take your medicine or hole a decent putt to save the day.
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