Why are there two names on caddie bibs at the 2020 Charles Schwab Challenge?

With the PGA Tour returning at the 2020 Charles Schwab Challenge, not only are the players back inside the ropes, but their caddies are alongside them as golf’s biggest tour returns.

You may have noticed that every caddie is wearing a bib with their player’s name on it. Right next to their player’s next name is a slash and another person’s last name. So, is the caddie working for two people this week? Was there a pro-am and we didn’t know about it? No.

Let’s explain why there are two names on the caddie bibs this week at Colonial.

The first name on a caddie bib is, yes, the last name of the professional golfer associated with the caddie.

The second name is the last name of someone working on the front lines of the pandemic, fighting against coronavirus in their line of work, be it in a hospital setting or as a first responder or in some other fashion.

The PGA Tour is hoping to use the caddie bibs as a way of telling the stories of people who are working tirelessly to treat the infected, prevent further spread and keep our communities safe. Many of the stories will be told digitally and on the broadcasts this week. The names on the back of each caddie bib will remain the same for all four rounds.

Not only will there be two last names on the caddie bibs during every round of the 2020 Charles Schwab Challenge, but there will also be two names on caddie bibs for the next two weeks at the 2020 RBC Heritage and the 2020 Travelers Championship.

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