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At the moment, most of us are not even allowed to leave the house for more than half an hour for a quick run, let alone take a plane and depart the country. Our civil liberties have been dramatically curtailed and we’re still trying to predict when flights will resume for the UK (summer breaks abroad are almost certainly off the table). For frequent jet-setters it can feel unbearable, but the world is a different place now and will remain forever changed.

When international travel bans do begin to be lifted, the question is, what kind of holidays will we take and what will those journeys actually be like? And will any of us really want to risk becoming infected and spending our time overseas ill? At least initially, there will be a good degree of caution when it comes to leaving the security of our lockdown lives as, until there are vaccines and reliable antibody tests – if it’s possible to become immune to Covid-19 at all – coronavirus will still be a threat. We will all become germaphobes.
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