Coronavirus | Jeremy Greene: “Es más probable que pensemos que la epidemia se acabó y dejemos de hablar de ella antes de que realmente acabe” – BBC News Mundo

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Hay un refrán japonés que dice: “Un hombre sabio sube el Monte Fuji una vez en su vida, sólo un necio lo sube dos veces” . Y en el verano de 2017, cuando terminé de descender la mítica montaña japonesa no pude estar más de acuerdo. A las 6 de la mañana, cuando, luego de …

Ivermectin emerges as possible treatment option for Covid-19

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Could a drug discovered in the 1970s help to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic? New evidence from research in Australia shows that the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin can inhibit the virus that causes Covid-19 from replicating in cells in the lab. While findings show promise, the news should be greeted with caveats, according to Donegal scientist Professor …

Plasma treatment gives hope to Long Islanders fighting coronavirus | Newsday

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Nearly 300 Long Islanders struggling to recover from the coronavirus have been infused with plasma donated by individuals who have recovered from the potentially deadly virus as part of experimental t — Read on Read the excellent article ☝🏻 Discover more useful new here We inform you about Health | Fashion | Travel | Golf …

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