Amazon selling FDA-authorized COVID-19 test for $110 – Business Insider

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For the first time, you can now buy an at-home coronavirus test that has been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration on Amazon. The FDA authorized DxTerity's COVID-19 saliva test, which requires no swabs, on December 9, and it was made available to buy on Amazon on Tuesday. You can buy one for $110, …

Three scientists give their best advice on how to protect yourself from COVID-19 – CBS News

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Improve ventilation by opening windows. Learn how to clean the air effectively with methods such as filtration ⬇️ Over the past several months, there has been controversy over the way SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, travels from an infected person to others. While official guidance has often been unclear, some aerosol scientists and public …

Coronavirus: 7 avances científicos que se han logrado gracias a los (enormes) esfuerzos de investigación provocados por la pandemia – BBC News Mundo

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Hemos escuchado las palabras "coronavirus" y "covid-19" tantas veces a lo largo de este 2020 que es posible perder la perspectiva del tiempo. En verdad no pasó ni un año desde que en Wuhan, China, se reportaron los primeros casos de una extraña enfermedad infecciosa y apenas van 6 meses desde que se declaró la …

Redfield: This Fall Could Be ‘Worst’ We’ve Seen

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The surging coronavirus pandemic, paired with the flu season, could create the “worst fall” that “we’ve ever had,” he said during an interview on “Coronavirus in Context,” a video series hosted by John Whyte, MD, WebMD’s chief medical officer. Coronavirus in Context: CDC Director Discusses Next Steps in the War Against COVID 00:00 / 19:01 …

Coronavirus cure: What progress are we making on treatments? – BBC News

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And some progress has been made in the search for effective medicines. What work is being done to find treatments? More than 150 different drugs are being researched around the world. Most are existing drugs that are being trialled against the virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched the Solidarity trial aimed at assessing …

Coronavirus: Nurses’ leaders urge ‘care for those who caring’ – BBC News

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The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) is calling for better risk assessments; working patterns and mental health care for those on the front line. It warns many may be suffering from exhaustion, anxiety and other psychological problems. The Department of Health and Social Care said support was a "top priority". The RCN has released an …

Coronavirus: los 10 países que más han gastado en enfrentar la pandemia (y cómo se ubican los de América Latina) – BBC News Mundo

Un equipo de investigadores de la Universidad de Columbia, Estados Unidos, ha estado monitoreando la cantidad de recursos que los gobiernos en 168 países han invertido para enfrentar la pandemia de coronavirus. Enormes paquetes fiscales de emergencia están inyectando dinero a la economía para mitigar los efectos de una crisis económica global que, según los …

Coronavirus: Reino Unido iniciará la producción masiva de una vacuna antes de terminar las pruebas

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Mientras se lleven a cabo las pruebas, tenemos que comenzar la producción aunque existe el riesgo de que si la vacuna fracasa nadie la va a querer Adrian Hill, director del Instituto Jenner de Oxford — Read on Recomiendo leerlo este articulo ☝🏻 Descubre más articulos aqui We inform you about Health | Fashion | Travel …

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