ICC Global Survey of Business for WHO in the Fight Against COVID-19

On 16 March, we launched an unprecedented private sector call to action to tackle Covid-19. In this time of global crisis, all businesses can play a leadership role in minimizing the likelihood of transmission and the impact on society. Bold and effective action will reduce short-term risks to your employees and long-term costs to your businesses and to the economy.

We agree that one important contribution to the private sector effort is mapping responses by individual businesses; that is, actions taken by you and your teams. This survey – which we have designed to take only a short time to complete – will not only provide us with new data and insights, but also reinforce – for us all – key health messages. We will use your responses to provide updated information to businesses, and develop solutions that will help your company to tackle the consequences of the pandemic.

We will continue to share WHO health information through the ICC network as it becomes available.

Together, we will make a difference.

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