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Moomin Shop Online – Moomins Mugs – Moomin Finland Products – The kids all over the world love Moomin Mamma, Moomin Pappa, Little My, Sniff, Snufkin, and a large number of other lovely Moomins, Muumi in Finnish. The best sellers in Amer Experience online shop are Moomins Mugs and Moomin Plush. 

Moomin Mugs

“The first ceramic Moomin products at Arabia, a set of children’s dishes, came out at the end of 1950s in collaboration with Tove Jansson. Nowadays the collection consists of over 80 Moomin mugs and the business is global. The stories come to alive on the illustrations. All the images are based on original drawings by Tove and Lars Jansson. Current Moomin product assortment consists of ceramic tableware, tumblers, cutlery, and scissors.” 

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Moomin Plush

The Moomins Plush Soft Toys – The Moomin loves playing, adventure, digging in the armpit, whispering secrets, and is a loyal family member.

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Moomins are suitable for everyday use from baby to grandfather. Moomin mugs and other Moomin products for collectors. Amer Experience Moomin Shop offers great prices and a huge selection

More about the Moomins

Would you like to know more about the Moomins?

  1. Who are the Moomins?

    The Moomins are the central characters in a series of books and a comic strip by Swedish-speaking Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson

  2. What is Moomin lifestyle?

    The Moomin lifestyle is creative, full of everyday dissent.  Each character in the Moomin Valley has its own philosophy from which one can draw an attitude to life.  Moomin items are growing in popularity all the time and are the most loved gifts of all time.  Moomins bring a smile to everyday table settings.

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