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Fazer Tupla Chocolate Bar

TOP SELLER – If you ever tasted Tupla you know why it is so popular. Because it is real goood, one of the best chocolate bars all time. We have here two different package sizes for you

Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate, Fazer Blue

Delicious Fazer Chocolate

Fazer Candies Are Possibly The Best In The World

My favorite TOP 5 – I Love These – Maybe It Is Grazy – But I Am Finn You Know – We Are Like That – Make A Finn Happy – Easy – Give Him or Her Salmiakki – It works – A Real Finn Is Ready To Defend His House, His Family And His Country For Salmiakki

Sweet Mix It Fazer

The real trick is you mix the sweets like a DJ. The kids in Finland do it; and the adults too. Test it! My favorite is Soft Salmiak with Fruit Candies

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What is Fazer?

Fazer is one of the largest corporations in the Finnish food industry. The company was founded by Karl Fazer in 1891, as a “French-Russian confectionery” in central Helsinki.Karl Fazer Finland Opening Advertisement Helsinki

Why Fazer Chocolate Finland is so delicious?

All Karl Fazer chocolates are made from the finest Arriba cocoa with the best professionalism.

Arriba cocoa is grown in Ecuador at the equator in the best natural conditions and in a specific area. Only 5% of the world’s cocoa is Arriba cocoa but 95% of gourmet cocoa is Arriba.

The best raw materials and the best manufacturing methods have always been the secret of Fazer’s quality and success.Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate Arriba Gourmet Cocoa From Ecuador

Best Fazer Candies and Sweets USA
Best Fazer Candies and Sweets USA
Karl Fazer Finland Milk Chocolate USA
Karl Fazer Finland Milk Chocolate USA
Karl Fazer Finland Milk Chocolate USA Conf
Karl Fazer Finland Milk Chocolate USA Conf

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