FAQ on Food and COVID-19: Answers From a Nutritionist

As much as people are feeling worry and fear about COVID-19, they’re also experiencing  confusion – particularly over what’s safe and what’s not and how to navigate this new-normal. That goes for food too. Here are some of the biggest questions I’m hearing about food and some science-backed answers:

Do I need to wipe down my groceries?

No. I’ve heard stories of people spending 45 minutes after each grocery trip thoroughly wiping down every single package, but that’s actually not necessary. Yes, one study did find that the virus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours, but according to the FDA, there’s no evidence of COVID-19 being transmitted via food packaging (and in the study, the amount of virus on cardboard diminished significantly after just eight hours). Wash your hands well after unloading groceries. Still feeling iffy? You could let non-perishables stay put overnight and put them away the next day. And you could still wipe down packages if it makes you feel safer (just be sure to not get any of the disinfectants on the food itself).

— Read on blogs.webmd.com/food-fitness/20200504/faq-on-food-and-covid19-answers-from-a-nutritionist

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