Elite private school Avenues is opening Hamptons branch with $48,000 tuition – Business Insider

Avenues: The World School, an ultra-exclusive private school, is opening a location in the Hamptons, the affluent vacation destination for New York’s elite.

The new location will be in addition to the school’s existing campuses in New York City; Sao Paolo, Brazil; and Shenzhen, China.

Starting in August 2020, Avenues Studio Hamptons will offer a “flex experience”: it will have a physical hub in the Hamptons for events, meetings with mentors, and group project work, but all classes will be taught online and students can be based anywhere in the world.

The annual tuition will be $48,000 — about 15% less than tuition at the school’s New York City location, where tuition is $56,400 per year. 

Throughout the pandemic, New Yorkers have been fleeing the city to the Hamptons, causing skyrocketing demand for rentals. Many of those families are looking to stay long-term and enroll their children in schools in the Hamptons, where there’s room to play outside safely and they won’t have to take a crowded subway to school, as Leslie Brody reported for The Wall Street Journal.
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