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Who are the travel world champions? The answer can really surprise you.

Maybe you think about Germans or US citizen but no! The most traveling nation worldwide is Finland 7.50 total trips undertaken per person per year. Other Scandinavians also love to travel. So if you are in travel business think about the Scandinavian travelers.

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People have discovered simple ways over internet to get the best traveling plans so agents seem to have lost much of their business as well. Tourists from European nations doing outbound travels are on the rise due to their better standard of living. Moreover, they get good money value outside rather than in their domestic land where prices are quite high. Most of the tourists visit domestic countries because of the fear of any health issues or terrorism factors in foreign countries and it depends on the number of holidays they get from their work schedule.

Factors Influencing Travel In These Countries

According to the reports, Finland tops the chart with 7.50 total trips undertaken per person per year. The Finns are followed by residents of the United States at 6.70, while the Swedish have 6.00 total trips, the Danish 5.30, Norwegians 5.20, residents of Hong Kong and New Zealand 4.30 trips apiece, Canadians 4.10, Australians 3.80, and the French 3.50 annual trips.

The Finnish people make most of the inbound and outbound travels

because of high income and lower unemployment status of the people. Their cultural attributes also make them widely acceptable, as they are open, warm, sincere and have a travel-oriented culture as well. The American people make more of inbound trips as compared because of the country’s diversified geographical area and the rich cultural heritage. Moreover, they prefer to explore their own country only. Sweden is also a great country to dwell in as they make up some of the best of the traveling community. The reason is the security and quality of life the people possess in the country and that is why they make maximum domestic trips. Denmark is the best place for traveling as the place is easily accessible, and people can go to other parts of Scandinavian, European, and North American lands through air, rail, sea and road. The country also houses Scandinavian family venues, so most of the people make maximum inbound trips.Most of the Scandinavian people are wealthy by global norms and have higher standards of living, so they often travel to foreign countries to escape the cold of the winter season. They have lesser unemployment rate and as the cost of living is high, they make trips abroad to get a better value for their money and even own their holiday homes in other countries. On the other hand, it is seen that most of the Americans prefer inbound trips as the cost of making foreign trip is quite high. Moreover, according to their work culture, they have lesser number of holidays and takes domestic trip to visit friends and family.
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People from Finland traveling the most in the world

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