Biggest questions parents and educators have about colleges reopening – Business Insider

Colleges around the country are revealing their reopening plans. And parents, educators, and students have some questions.

In just a few short months, many much-lauded aspects of collegiate life — think packed athletic stadiums, libraries full of students, and individualized in-person instruction — have gone from traditions to contagion hotspots.

And now, after panicked moves to online-only instruction and campus evacuations, the fall looms. And there’s one big question that can’t quite be answered yet: What does college in the US look like during a pandemic? 

In the meantime, Business Insider spoke with three experts — a professor who researches inequity in higher-education, a parent of two college-aged kids who also runs risk management for a community college, and a liability attorney — to learn the biggest questions that parents and educators have (or should have), and to see if they have any answers.
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