Amazon and the social distance

Amazon and the social distance. The social distance and internet shopping.

It makes sense to buy in internet or Amazon to avoid too many social contacts. Corona virus has pushed enormously the internet business and the online shopping. Amazon is contracting tens of thousands new employees to full fill the increasing demand.

There are things that can’t beat the online shopping. You can find fast even the most rare products. Easy searching and fast finding are maybe the most important reasons why people buy online. Other relevant thing for decision making is the huge selection of products and the price transparency. In internet you find price deals you can just wonder. And last but not least the good service with detailed product information and delivery to home makes the online shopping every-time more attractive.

Is Amazon causing social distancing or does the social distance make people to shop online? The life has changed already before Covid_19 pandemic. People stay at home, go to cafes and places where they feel comfortable and safe. With a smart phone in the hand they spend time online chatting, learning, having fun and searching information. Maybe it is the new trend to spend your free time with people who you love and in places you like. The artificial intelligence is even one step ahead. It will do the basic shoppings for you, to serve to you as mate or as your personal butler.

The businesses buy online with delivery to the office already since several years to save time and money. Even when you return back something they pick up it from your office.

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