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Home Swapping New Trend

In the past decade, sites like Airbnb have usurped hotels and mainstream rental properties as a holiday accommodation go-to. But in more recent years, a new challenger has risen up in the form of a more affordable, sustainable contender.

Home swapping: the art of exchanging your house or apartment with someone else in your own country or the wider world, so each can profit from a financially viable option when it comes to holiday accommodation.

Think of it like ‘The Holiday’ Christmas film classic with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet – but we can’t guarantee the festive romance.

This type of holidaying seems to be on the rise too, according to new research from the UK-based Love Home Swap. The company saw a 282 per cent increase last year compared with 2019, followed by a further 73 per cent increase between May and June 2020 too.

The same data showed coastal property requests have accounted for 40 per cent of this figure, as well as an uptake in rural properties stays (30 per cent).

What are the advantages of home swapping?

Since COVID-19 created a new anxiety around shared spaces, home swapping gives travellers peace of mind in their own space.
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Home Swapping New Trend


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